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Common eye problems and how to get rid of them?

Common eye problems and how to get rid of them?

Eyes are exposed to extreme stress all day, or may be dry, inflamed, or rigorism. What seems like a slight display may have a big impact on the strength of your eyesight and your whole life. But it is nice to say that in most cases there is a solution to this temporary inconvenience.

- Common problems:

Here are some of the common eye problems and typical treatments for each.

* Red eye:

 Any time the eye gets red - whether it's dust, allergies, or dryness - the eye's reaction is immediate redness. The small blood vessels in the eye swell because they contain more blood, which makes the eye reddish.

* Itching in the eye:

 When you feel the urge to scratch your eye, the cause is mostly allergic. It may be temporary seasonal allergies, or a reaction to the use of a moisturizer or a cosmetic.

* Crusting or gooey eyes:

There are many different reasons for eye scars. If the eye tears, the tears can dry up and turn into crystalline sand that rests on the eyelids. If there is a sticky or thick substance, either it is a pus caused by a contagious infection such as conjunctivitis or mucus caused by severe allergies.

Treatment: Treatment of essential disease (such as allergies) will reduce eye peeling. As for the bacterial infection that causes the viscosity of the eye, the treating physician can prescribe an antibiotic drop or ointment. If the cause of the infection is a particular virus, you have to wait for it to go away on its own, usually within a few days.

* Dry or inflamed eye:

Dry, inflamed, or puffy eyes will often be the result of either a change in quality or the amount of tear in the eye. The quality of the tears changes when there is a clear blockage in the tear glands around the eyes, which works to produce natural oils to maintain smooth eye movement and help to retain water. While the amount of tears change when the lacrimal glands do not produce enough fluid, which is normal with age. Some symptoms of inflammation (such as Sjögren's syndrome) can cause dry eyes as well.

There is something that makes eye dryness a deeper problem: keeping an eye on electronic devices without blinking eyes. Every time you blink your eye, you re-pump the liquid that protects the eyes (or so-called tear membrane). When the eye does not blink enough, the eye does not get enough chance to renew the protective tear membrane.

Common eye problems and how to get rid of them?
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