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How to understand what your cat is saying to you

How to understand what your cat is saying to you

Each world has its own language, we in the human world understand each other by speaking by the tongue as well as body language, which plays the largest role in the communication process, as is the case with the animal world where each species has a special language that they speak and understand each other, cat is one of the pets that many people love is being raised indoors.

 However, in order for a person to understand his cat well and to fulfill all her wishes, he must learn the language of cats, whether it is the language of sound or the body, because it will help him to deal properly with the cat. Therefore, we have prepared this article which helps you to understand all the sounds of your cat voice, as well as understanding the movements of her body and what she says, you should read this with concentration and deep depth.


-The sound language of the cat:

The cats make certain sounds, and each voice has a meaning and a certain concept is important to know in order to be able to deal properly with your cat and achieve her needs.

The cat's voice is known as a meow, and the indication of the meow varies whether the cat is large or small, for small cats, the meow is to call the mother for relief from something or to express hunger and the need for milk.

Large cats often show a lot of things. In some cases, the meow is an expression of welcome to an individual, and when she wants to prevent someone from committing an act, such as asking for no hand on her body. Sometimes the meow may be an expression of hunger and a request for food., Especially if it lasts for a long time; experts advise not to neglect the order and the need to provide food for the cat.

Cats also use meowing to trick other cats or other animals, and it is not stop at it, but may also try it to deceive the owner which also requires more understanding and caution.

-The body language of the cat:

In the human world, the language of the body is more expressive than the language of the tongue, as is the case in the world of animals, we find that cats use her body to talk as follows:

-The tail of the cat and its various movements:

The tail of the cat is a special means to communicate with humans and with other cat owners. When the tail takes a straight shape, it is shown to be in good condition and everything is fine. If the tail takes a curve closer to the question mark, it indicates the curiosity and desire of the cat and the intense knowledge of something that preoccupies her thinking.

-Cat's ear and its language:

The shape and position of the cat's ear indicates a lot of things. In the case of extreme attention to what is happening around her, the ear is tilted forward, and in the case of some unpleasant or annoying sounds, the ears tend to turn away from those annoying sounds. The presence of a voice in the place strange to the cat or unfamiliar to her, she turns her ears towards him to discover.

-Cats eyes and its language:

When the eyes are closed three times and open for a large number of times, she expresses her love for the person standing in front of her, and when the cat begins to expand the focus of her eyes, she is in a state of acute nervousness and if reaching the maximum extent, she indicates the taken position And if the eye is narrow or normal, she is reassuring.

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