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If you want to buy a cat .. 8 advices will help you in breeding

If you want to buy a cat .. 8 advices will help you in breeding

Pet breeding is one of the most important concerns of many people who find in the small animals the warmth and love, and prefer above many things in their lives, and because breeding cats have a lot of fans who care about them very much, they always follow these methods of care for cats.

And because the cats are the love of many people there are prevented by fear of being unable to deal with them to buy them, and in this regard, here are a set of tips must be known well before buying a cat.

1 - Buying the cat at the age of 4 to 6 months, so you can make sure that she can eat alone, and away from the elderly and young as well.

2 - Do not rush in the buying of the cat only after confirming the validity and safety, and that by looking at her eyes and make sure to her clean, and also look at her ears and make sure that they are free of insects, and make sure that the ability to hear through the performance of any alarm to hear next to them, Of her ability to walk normally, and the cleanliness of the hair by putting the hand in the fur and the absence of small pills or shells or blisters, and look down the tail and make sure there are no contaminants so as not to be susceptible to diarrhea and intestinal diseases.

3. The darker the color of the cat becomes, the lower its price. In the worldwide cats’ markets, the white cat with the blue eyes is called "saloon cats", which is the most expensive.

4- Make sure that the cat takes its first vaccination, which is at the age of 3 months, and be careful about the existence of the certificate of vaccination when buying, and if this certificate does not exist with the cat, the vaccination will be deducted from the price, as well as go to the doctor to give her vaccination.

5. Read carefully about the kinds of cats before buying, and choose the type that you can deal with.

6 - Dealing with the cat correctly by taking into consideration the fear in the first two days, and the possibility of abstaining from eating, as well as not running towards her so as not to increase the fear.

7- Specifying a specific name for it and call her by it a lot, especially in the first days, and specifically at the time of food.

8 - Bathing in winter is once every 3 weeks or a month, but in the summer is once every week or 10 days.

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