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Kinds of dogs and their names

Kinds of dogs and their names

Dogs are one of the types of pets that belong to mammals and have been closer to humans many ages ago. They are nice and fun, but sometimes they pose a danger to humans, especially those that are fierce. Dogs are divided into a large number of breeds, their special qualities such as shape, size, etc., are the most famous of those Mexican dog breeds, wolf dog, and other species that we will recognize together in this article.

-Cane corso:

Kinds of dogs and their names

This dog is one of the most famous types of dogs, and its main function is to carry out the guard, thanks to its strength and ferocity, but in order to raise that dog, you must use a strong and professional trainer, so that the training process succeeds.

-Dalmatian dog:

Kinds of dogs and their names

The Dalmatian dog is a hunting dog; it has been used for this purpose for some time, thanks to its speed and ferocity. It is of Indian origin. The Dalmatian dog weighs about 70 pounds, while its height is between twenty and twenty-four inches. In those periods in the European countries, they raise them in their homes as a kind of ornamental, and it is worth mentioning that despite the ferocity of that kind, it becomes very nice and quiet when you are in the process of being courted. And becomes obedient to the owner.

-St. Bernard:

Kinds of dogs and their names

This type of dog is characterized by its huge size short, weighing about 55 kg, while the length of up to sixty-five centimeters in the female, and seventy centimeters in the male, and St. Bernard's dog has a strong teeth and very sharp, and yet it is nice and friendly , And he does not like to hurt anyone, but if he feels that the person who obeys him does not have loyalty, then he shows all his cruelty, and he breaks the person without any mercy.

-Great Dane:

Kinds of dogs and their names

This is one of the most entertaining dogs, which can be played with for hours without feeling bored, and can walk long distances, although many may fear the Great Dan dog, being too large, and in any case if you choose to breed it At home, you have to show great interest in him; he is very rebellious if he does not feel the interest of his owner.

-Dogo Argentino:

Kinds of dogs and their names

This is one of the strongest dogs, and the most dangerous to human life, which led some countries, such as the United States of America to ban the sale and purchase completely, and the use of that dog for hunting and hunting pigs.

-German Shepherd:

Kinds of dogs and their names

The dog is of German origin and has a very strong sense of smell, as well as sharp intelligence, so it is used by the police to assist them in the detection of criminals and drugs. The German shepherd is very lovable to humankind.

-Chow Chow:

Kinds of dogs and their names

This type of dog is fairly small in size, weighs between forty and sixty-five pounds and is 22 inches long. The Chow dog has a very thick and soft fur, so it is usually likened to a bear. This dog is very nice and lovely if He has been treated well; he likes to play and fondle by his owner, but if treated brutally and cruel, turns into an aggressive heart and very fierce, so breeding this dog needs special attention and care, as well as patience and great wisdom.


Kinds of dogs and their names

This type of dog is characterized by its weight is very light, and has a body of medium length, and has long ears, and the Chihuahua is of Spanish origin, always advised to choose that type in the desire to have a dog at home, being very peaceful, On the members of the house.

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