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Reproduction in animals

Reproduction in animals

God created living beings from man and animal to live in the earth, and there is a continuous life, but certainly the life of the individual does not continue forever, it must happen to him to be dead at one of the days, so God made the process of reproduction which is a natural process occurring in living organisms , so as to preserve themselves from extinction, where each male and female produce new individuals of the same species, and in this way continues to the species on the earth, and both human and animal reproduction, which passes through a set of specific stages, but we will talk in this article About reproduction in animals, and we will be closer to this amazing stages with something more detailed.

-What is meant by reproduction?

Reproduction in general means a function in which the main purpose is to reproduce; until the same species is maintained and continues to exist on the face of the earth.

The process of procreation or reproduction in living organisms requires a male and female of the same species who have reached the stage of sexual maturity, each of which has a specific role, and that process is a series of stages or successive processes, which result in a group of young individuals of the same kind, They are raised, and after growth and maturity, these new individuals repeat this process again, and so it continues until the species is permanently present on Earth.

As already mentioned, the process of reproduction takes place in a number of stages, as follows:

-Sexual behaviors:

Before the process of breeding some animals do so called sexual behaviors, the aim is to create a process of attraction to the other side, and the occurrence of a state of initial convergence between male and female, and the manner of those behaviors vary from animal to animal. For example, animals such as cats, dogs and butterflies and others, the female secretion of a particular substance with a pungent smell, and works that smell to attract the male, wherever he is away.

Other animals, such as birds, chickens and fish, have sex behaviors in the form of certain dances that may be accompanied by distinctive sounds, which are taken by the male, and attract the attention of the female. In a third example, the male himself chases the female until he approaches her.
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