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Simple tips about birds

Simple tips about birds

Birds are one of the most important groups in the vast animal kingdom. They are animals that are classified as warm-blooded, characterized by God's feathers and wings flying high and its body is covered with feathers of different color from one species to another, and some of them is singing with his twittering throughout Time, in addition, is characterized by laying eggs with a hard shell.

There are approximately nine thousand kinds of birds around the world, through this number we conclude that the range of birds is the most diverse and widespread among the vertebrate communities.


Simple tips about birds

The ramphastos lives in the tropical forests of Central and South America, and feeds on wild fruits there, although its beak is huge, but thin and light. This bird eats food in a very distinctive way. First, it installs the fruit with its mouth and throws it up and then receives it and swallows it afterwards.

-The parrot:

Simple tips about birds

The parrot lives in tropical forests, with a large beak and solid claws. When it eats solid fruit, it first grabs the fruit with his claws and holds it on the side of his mouth and then uses his beak to break the outer shell of the fruit and swallow it. Male and female parrots always live together and never separate.


Simple tips about birds

The Pigeon has a great ability to determine direction and flight, was used in ancient times and was used as a means of conveying messages to people. Today we can see it everywhere, the gardens and the fields are the most places where it is always present.


Simple tips about birds

The bird's body covers beautiful feathers like emeralds, and its voice is short and clear. It usually dwells on logs on water surfaces staring into the water. When it discovers a small fish, it hits his head in the water and picks it up and then reaches the tree and eats it.


Simple tips about birds

The falcon has a hard, sharp beak, sharp eyes and claws that enable it to hunt various species of small birds easily, and hunting small animals can hit them very quickly from high spikes.

-The owl:

Owl eyes are large and piercing, with high hearing ability, enabling them to catch mice, rabbits and other small animals at night. And hit her wings always on the nests of small birds and scare them and then catch them.

-Bald eagle:

Simple tips about birds

It is a bird with no feathers on its head, and its wings are the largest among all kinds of birds. It can fly long hours with the direction of the rising air current. It is a bird of prey feeding on the remains of wild animals.

-The Penguin:

Simple tips about birds

Is a bird that develops its life from flying to swimming. The penguins can ski with their wings at high speed to catch their prey from the small fish. Female penguins love their young very much, and always spit food out of their mouths to feed them.

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