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The herbivores

The herbivores

Animals differ in terms of the feeding system. There are animals that feed mainly on meat, called predators or carnivores, and there are other animals that feed on different plants and herbs. These animals are called herbivores, or animals that eat grass.

-About grass-eating animals:

Herbaceous organisms are those that depend on plants, herbs, fungi and bacteria as their main food. These organisms may be animals such as buffalo, cattle, goats and others, because their teeth are flat and wide, so they can not eat meat. There are herbivores such as ducks, parrots, the birds.

-Digestive system in herbivores:

There is a clear difference between the composition of the digestive system of herbivorous animals and carnivores, carnivores have a simple digestive system and only one gastric cavity, whereas in herbivores we find it more complex, including several gastric cavities, Large-sized flatfish that helps them grind the food, starting with the grinding process from the mouth and then the intestine and the long gastrointestinal that analyzes the food.

-How big are the herbivores:

The herbivores

Herbivores varies widely. They may be of very small size and may be of large size and size, such as the African elephant, which may weigh up to 6500 kg. It can therefore be considered the largest herbivore around the world. This elephant feeds on a large quantity of plants Exceeding one hundred and thirty kilograms daily, such as roots, herbs and others.

The smallest herbivore in the world is the feathery Ptiliidae with a size of only 0.325 mm. The beetle feeds on fungus found in humid places and also organic matter such as animal dung and decomposing trees.

There are many herbivores, for example:


The herbivores

Cows of the famous mammals and pets, and cows feed on plants and grasses as they are the main food for them, and the human benefits from cows, largely because he gets its meat, milk and skin.


The herbivores

Antelope is one of the cows and is found more in the continents of the ancient world Asia, Africa and Europe. Antelopes inhabit long pastures, different forests and savannah forests; therefore, they feed on everything that they find in grass. Antelopes protect themselves from predators by Live and walk in herd.

-the elephant:

The herbivores

The elephant is a huge animal that spreads all over the world. The elephant depends on the fruits, tree leaves, shrubs and grass.


The herbivores

Camel, or as it is called "ship of the desert", where God Almighty distinguished him with the ability to store water and walk for long days without the need to drink. The camel belongs to the continent of Australia and the continent of Africa and Asia. The camel relies on wheat.

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