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The most famous parrot kinds

The most famous parrot kinds

There are a wide range of parrot species each with its own charm. There are several factors you should consider in order to identify the type of parrot you choose. It will be suitable for you, and you should also know the required material cost if you raise it, such as availability of food and the responsibility to care for it. Which will cause it and do you have enough space for it. This is the cost, the level of commitment required, and finally you must be aware of the abilities and characteristics of the parrot that you will buy.

-Eclectus parrot:

The most famous parrot kinds

The eclectus is one of a few national parrots, which means that females and males look completely different from each other. Males are characterized by their green color, rich in red spots, while females are characterized by red and purple feathers, as with all parrots, eclectus parrots need for special care and attention for prosperity.

-Sun conure:

The most famous parrot kinds

Sun conure parrots have almost a full rainbow on their bodies, characterized by red, yellow and orange on their heads, chests, wings and then the tail, and there are some green and blue feathers at the back of his tail and wings. They are also among the most beautiful types of parrots around the world, so before you adopt the sun parquet, make sure that you will bear the noise.

-The Scarlet Parrot:

The most famous parrot kinds

The scarlet parrots are large in size, with their red, yellow and blue feathers. They can be tempting for those looking for a pet parrot, but it is important to look more than its spectacular appearance. Before you adopt a scarlet parrot make sure you know what to adopt, because this parrot can be noisy and chaotic too. These moody pets require many of their owners.

-Blue Gold Parrot:

The most famous parrot kinds

The Blue Gold Parrot The name suggests this in its bright blue and yellow feathers on most parts of its body, with rich green touches, perhaps one of the most distinctive bud species, the blue gold parrot can be a great conservation for the owner especially during adolescence.

-Sapphire parrot:

The most famous parrot kinds

In addition to being one of the brightest colors, sapphire parrot is the largest species of parrots known to humans. The sapphire budgie is among the most pleasant and loving parrots, but it is certainly not the perfect pet for all. A sapphire parrot has a reputation for being very sensitive birds, so it is important to give them a tranquil environment in order to thrive as pets.
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