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Cardio before or after exercise?

Cardio before or after exercise?

During your bodybuilding trip, you may face the following question: Do I have to do cardio exercises before or after iron workouts? We are with you today to show you the truth of this and the best time to do cardio exercises

Iron training needs a lot of energy especially if you train hard, glycogen is the stored form of sugar in the body and the main source of energy. If you exercise cardio before weights, your energy levels will be very low and you will not be able to lift high weights. You may not be able to increase your exercise time. This is undesirable because muscles burn calories. 24 hours a day, cardio generally burns only calories while you exercise.

-Increased cortisol secretion:

Cortisol is an adrenal hormone that can block your attempts to build muscle. When cortisol is high, it breaks down muscle tissue, this is completely contrary to your goal in bodybuilding and both weightlifting and cardio exercises raise cortisol levels, but weightlifting also raises cortisol and testosterone levels, enabling you to complete your workout successfully.

-Burn more calories after exercise:

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Strength training and weights don't burn too many calories during exercise, but it burns calories for several hours after exercise as your body struggles to build muscle and needs energy to do so.

When you work out and then do cardio exercises, you give your body more work to do. You need not only to repair torn muscle fibers, you also want to replenish your glycogen stores and it won't be an easy feat.

When you have finished training weights and cardio and then having a meal after workout your body will focus on building muscle and your body's priority will be to maintain your strength and health.

So, if you eat a lot of protein and moderate amounts of carbohydrates and vegetables this food will not be stored as glycogen, but will immediately go towards muscle repair. The effect of cardio exercises after iron exercises is so strong that it can increase your metabolism for up to 48 hours after your workout.

-Avoid sports injuries: 

As we said, cardio exercise before doing iron exercises reduces your energy levels and when you work out weights it is difficult for you, you may get injured you will start exercising and try to lift heavy weight and something will happen, if you are lucky you will not be able to lift weight and if you are not You will lift weight badly and hit yourself, so do cardio exercises after you have completed a weightlifting exercise to prevent unwanted injuries.

In the end, cardio exercises help you burn fat and make you feel comfortable. However, if you do cardio exercises after weight training, you will be sure that you have enough levels of glycogen, will not release excess cortisol, burn more calories and prevent injury.
Cardio before or after exercise?
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