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Components of a bedtime meal to strengthen muscles


Diet is very essential for building muscle, and many bodybuilders point out that eating a bedtime meal is better than not eating anything but provided that this meal has a set of specifications and conditions that we explain in this article.

-Why a bedtime meal for bodybuilding?

The concentration of HGH with a structural effect of muscles increases with the onset of sleep But it decreases during the night, unlike the hormone cortisol, which has a destructive effect on muscles, which increases its concentration at night and remains so until the early hours of the morning, so the body remains overnight in the case of the demolition of muscle protein.

A good bedtime meal is of great importance as it can reduce the effects of cortisol when well chosen, and it will help you to:
  • Limit the breakdown of muscle protein during the night.
  • Increases calorie burning during the night.
  • Reduce the effect of feeling very hungry in the morning.
  • Promotes the process of muscle recovery, especially for those who train and exercise weight lifting exercises in the evening or afternoon.

· A meal rich in protein:

Protein intake promotes muscle building, especially Whey-proteins and casein, and scientific research has shown that eating a protein shake or casein before bed speeds up metabolism, speeds up fat burning, and reduces hunger in the morning.

It is very advisable to focus on the casein protein because the digestion and absorption of the casein is slower than that of the whey protein, so digestion continues throughout the night, which reduces muscle protein breakdown that may occur throughout this period.

Casein protein can be taken as supplements or from foods containing it, especially milk and white cheese.

· A meal rich in magnesium:

Magnesium is an essential mineral that improves sleep time and sleep quality. It enhances the effects of GABA neurotransmitters with a calming effect.

Magnesium is found in many foods such as dark chocolate, avocado, bananas, green leafy plants and almonds.

· A meal rich in zinc:

Zinc is also a key mineral such as magnesium, because of its ability to promote HGH production similar to insulin IGF which promotes muscle building. Scientific researches have shown that supplements containing magnesium and zinc together promote sleep, especially that getting a good sleep is essential in the life of the bodybuilder to be able to exercise vigorously the next day without feeling tired.

Zinc is found in red meat, legumes, milk, cheese and nuts, such as cashews, peanuts, eggs and dark chocolate.

Take casein or Wi-Protein with a small handful of nuts, avocados, or bananas and make a protein shake. It is an excellent meal before bedtime.

Finally, we stress that digestion and absorption remain the same, both during sleep and on waking, and that the muscles remain responsive to the processes of building protein and increase its strength, and therefore can accept the idea of eating a meal before going to sleep and make it healthier and useful, as mentioned.
Components of a bedtime meal to strengthen muscles
Mohamed Hamed


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