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Free weights or machines, which is better?

Free weights or machines, which is better?

Some bodybuilders are only convinced of free weights, others prefer machine exercises, but which is the best and which will give you the best results?

Some say that you should only train with free weights while others believe that machines are better, and in this article, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of free weights and machines.

-What are the advantages of free weights?

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Free weights come in the form of dumbbells and bars and are fully available you at any gym you go. This makes the training sessions more challenging for you. Free weight training increases the amount of muscle fibers that work during your workout. Free weights increase your ability to control your movements and thus rest your joints or damage them as you do as well as increase the load on your muscles.

Free weights are more challenging because you do all the work on your own. When you squeeze a 100-punch bench, you raise that weight on your own and this translates into greater strength and muscle gains.

When you exercise with free weights, you always use more muscle fibers. For example, when you are doing punch press, you use your chest, triceps, shoulder, and other muscles that support your workout.

Free weights help your muscles grow rapidly and also help you perform better with natural body movements because you have all control in your workout.

- What are the disadvantages of free weights?

The main disadvantages of free weights are the possibility of injury. When using free weights, you need to make sure that you are using the right weight that you can control because if you lose control of this weight, the possibility of injury will increase.

- What are the advantages of machines?

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While free weights come with a long list of benefits, there are some benefits to using resistance machines as well. Machines are usually easier to use and target certain muscles and provide you with great protection from wrong performance and injuries. You can easily adjust and control weight compared to free weights. It is important to learn the right shape and start with low weights in the free exercise, but machines allow you to gain weight faster because the machine helps you raise that weight.

If you want to target certain muscles, machines will allow you to do this better than free weights. Because it is limited movement, this limited movement will not only help you target certain muscles, but will allow you to exercise safely if you are recovering from an injury. For example, when you exercise on the Smith Bar squat exercise, you are more secure than the free weight of the bar because the bar is stable.

The last big advantage of the machines is the ability to adjust the weight easily as most machines use a pin that allows you to increase or lose weight quite easily.
Free weights or machines, which is better?
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