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Maintaining weight after diet

Maintaining weight after diet

Most weight loss diets followers have trouble keeping their weight after slimming, and research suggests that only 20% of weight loss diets keep their weight steady after slimming. If you want to be among them, you can follow the ideal way for that in this article.

-The principle of maintaining weight after slimming:

In order to increase the chances of weight stability after slimming, you must be well planned for the so-called transition, which begins after achieving your goal to reach the weight you want, and this transition is a good period in order to determine the pattern of dietary habits and exercise models that you learned during the loss journey which became part of your healthy lifestyle that prevents you from regaining weight again.

The researchers found that most people who maintain a steady weight after slimming follow a low-fat diet, as well as a lot of eating vegetables and fruits.

-What are the eating habits that help in the stability of weight after dieting?

We offer you a set of eating habits that help to move from the weight loss diet to the stage of weight stability, so that these eating habits become part of your daily lifestyle, the most important of these habits:

-Don’t stop exercising:

One of the most important bases of weight stability after slimming is to continue the exercise, so that it becomes part of your daily life, it is usually recommended to exercise for 30-60 minutes of moderate exercise on a daily basis, or at least 4 times a week for the stability of weight and continue to a healthy life physically And mentally.

Studies show that exercise that contributes to burning about 1500-2000 calories per week helps maintain weight stability after slimming, such as walking, running, swimming and others.

- Eat breakfast and focus on healthy food:

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Studies have shown that people who maintain a daily breakfast routine are more likely to keep their weight steady after the slimming phase, and that breakfast must include sources of whole grains and pure protein.

You should continue your life as healthy as you were during the weight loss phase, pay attention to the quality of the food you eat, and avoid eating ready-made and processed foods, and eat a lot of dietary fiber, especially vegetables and fruits, with plenty of drinking water and sleep for a sufficient period.

- Continue to challenge yourself by setting new goals:

You should keep your confidence high, and put in front of your eyes the goal of maintaining weight, and so you will achieve it as you achieved your goal of losing weight, and beware when you feel angry or exhausted to eat any food as a reaction, and try to empty your anger in sports or any other activity away from eating.

- Stay in touch with who supporters you:

The people who supported you during the slimming phase can continue to communicate with them during the stabilization phase, because only these people alone appreciate the importance of your success in losing weight, and therefore communication with them will motivate the need to maintain this success.

In conclusion, we point out the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life in order to maintain your weight.
Maintaining weight after diet
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