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What is Beef Amino and is it effective or illusion?

What is Beef Amino and is it effective or illusion?

You may have heard about Beef Amino products such as Universal Animal 100% Beef Aminos and Muscle meds Carnivor Beef Aminos. These products, which their producers claim to be extracted from beef, have a significant effect on muscle building.

What exactly is Beef Amino? How is it manufactured? Is it better than Wi-protein to build muscle? That's what you'll learn today.

-What are amino acids?

The 20 amino acids are organic substances consisting of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. They are the building blocks of protein, whether protein in food or protein in the human body. Each protein contains a number of 50 to 2000 amino acids in a different composition.

The human body contains 20% proteins in cells, skin, hair, internal organs, muscles, ligaments, joints, etc.

Proteins play a key role in the functioning of all your organs, your vital functions, and your cells. If there is a lack of protein you eat:
  • Hair loss.
  • Skin wilting.
  • Weak nails.
  • Erosion of muscles.
  • Impaired immunity.
  • Osteoporosis.
Therefore, all the amino acids needed to make protein in the human body must be obtained.

Essential amino acids, or so-called Essential Amino Acids, cannot be synthesized by the human body and therefore need to be taken from an external source, which is food or a dietary supplement.

-What is Amino Beef ?

The company says they are amino acids from Beef Protein Isolate.

Of course, what comes to mind is that they come with large pieces of steak or fresh red meat and extract amino acids from them! But this is not the case, because red meat is expensive.

The supplement is simply extracted from cheap pieces of livestock such as leather, hooves, horns, etc. The same sources used to extract collagen and gelatin.

The company recommends taking 6 capsules with the meal, means 18 capsules per day. This means that 200 capsules will last only 11 days. This is regardless of the inconvenience of taking 6 capsules 3 times a day.

- Carnivor Beef Protein:

-Disadvantages of beef amino:

Carnivor Beef Protein is also a supplement to Beef Protein Isolate, i.e. it is still collagen and gelatin, but it is sold in powder form. It measures 23 grams of protein (equivalent to 23 capsules of Animal Beef supplement), and is therefore more practical and more cost-effective.

The company uses crafty propaganda tricks. They make studies about the benefits of red meat protein to build muscle. How their supplement is less fat than red meat, and how their protein concentration is higher than red meat. But the product is still poor, extracted from cheap sources and has nothing to do with red meat.

-Disadvantages of beef amino:

  • The supplement is generally safe because it is a dietary supplement and not a medicine.
  • It may cause intestinal upset for some users.
  • It is not recommended to use for pregnant and lactating women.
- Conclusion:

-Disadvantages of beef amino:

Whey protein supplement, cheaper and higher quality than beef amino and beef protein supplements. It has higher amounts of BCAA and less glycine and taurine.

It is also better and faster absorbed than the red meat protein itself. Don't waste your money on beef amino supplements because it is a low-quality amino acid content.
What is Beef Amino and is it effective or illusion?
Mohamed Hamed


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