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Why the harsh diet destroys your body and causes you obesity?

Why the harsh diet destroys your body and causes you obesity?

According to international nutrition organizations, an individual needs 1,200 and 2,600 calories per day. However, there are many harsh diets that aim to lose weight leading the person to consume less calories daily than required, and this may have serious effects on health.

-The most important side effects of following a harsh diet are:

   - Fatigue and mood change:

The first side effect of harsh diets is a lack of energy and mood swings, because when calorie consumption is reduced to levels below the required level, there will be insufficient food to convert into energy and blood sugar concentrations will decrease, leading to feeling tired and nervous in the mood, and even this may make you in a yearning to eat too.

One of the reasons for fatigue when you follow the harsh diet is severe dehydration due to lack of body water, because when the calorie intake is significantly reduced, the glycogen stored in the liver and muscles is initially used as an energy source before the use of fat.

Glycogen is a type of carbohydrate that is linked to water molecules in the body, and therefore when burning the entire glycogen body, the body's content of water associated with less, and this leads to the emergence of symptoms of headache, fatigue and dizziness, which may occur when you follow the harsh diet.

-Why does the harsh diet cause obesity?

Some people who follow the harsh diet may eat open meals because of the big appetite that occurs to them, but the danger is that the appetite is usually for fast meals unhealthy ready calorie-rich because of the feeling of extreme hunger, which can lead to obesity.

Some types of harsh diets such as the detox diet may lead to irregular blood sugar, which may cause insulin resistance over time and continued dieting. Insulin resistance is associated with re-weight gain and may be associated with type 2 diabetes.

   Slowing metabolism and muscle mass loss:

When there is a shortage of calories and low energy levels due to the harsh diet, this will slow down the metabolism in order to conserve the available energy and thus reduce the metabolic rate (i.e. the number of calories burned at rest time), this may in fact delay the process of weight loss and may lead to loss of muscle mass as well.

The body will preserve fat stores and consume muscle mass. If your goal is to strengthen your muscles with weight loss, a harsh diet is an unfortunate choice because it will save body fat and lead to muscle mass loss.

One study found that rapid weight loss results in a three-fold loss of muscle mass compared to a diet that leads to slow weight loss.

At the end of this article, many international nutrition organizations are advising to follow the harsh diet for people with severe obesity, and be under medical supervision, but for those who want to lose some weight should follow a specific diet after consulting a dietitian.
Why the harsh diet destroys your body and causes you obesity?
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