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6 daily steps to look younger


There are Many factors that cause our skin to age. Some of these factors can do nothing to prevent their skin effects, and others can do much to alleviate them.

There are Many factors that cause our skin to age. Some of these factors can do nothing to prevent their skin effects, and others can do much to alleviate them.

-Natural aging:

One of the main factors that we can not do anything about the sequence of activity, and to prevent the effects of its occurrence is the natural aging process due to aging, which affects all areas of the body, and the skin is the clearest and most important.

 Therefore, it is normal for all of us to have visible lines over the years, and it is natural to lose the youthfulness at times, and to notice that our skin has become thinner and drier, and that there is sagging in the skin of the neck and the humorous and the skin patches appear more visible in the skin Apparent hand and others.

- Internal aging:

Our genetic genes primarily control the severity of these skin changes in the natural process of aging, medically called "intrinsic aging." However, several dermatological and cosmetic therapeutic measures can alleviate many of these natural signs of aging, and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin on the face, neck, hands, and other areas of the body.

-External aging:

On the other hand, we are exposed to a daily process of premature skin aging (Premature Skin Aging), which is medically called (Extrinsic Aging). This aging has nothing to do with age, nor with genetic genes. It deeply affects the freshness of our skin complexion casts a shadow on the vitality of the facial skin and neck skin in particular, and ultimately accelerates the appearance of signs of aging, without This, is naturally proportional to the number of years of our lives.

Medical sources indicate that we are exposed to the factors of this "external aging" as a result of the choices we make in our daily behaviors, such as excessive exposure to sunlight, smoking, unhealthy nutrition, staying up and cleaning the skin improperly. Because they are external because they are unnatural, and because they are also related to unhealthy lifestyle behaviors, by taking some simple preventive health measures possible, we can slow down the effects of this kind of aging unnecessarily and prematurely.

-Health Tips:

1    Protect your skin from the sun every day. Direct exposure to the sun plays a key role in premature skin aging. It should be noted that the exposure of the skin to tanning, whether under the sun (Sun Tan) or photovoltaic devices, the skin exposed to high amounts of ultraviolet (UV Rays), a type of harmful rays that accelerate the rapid progression of aging on the skin, which Medically called “sunlight aging” (Photoaging), which includes the following types of skin changes: Wrinkles, Age Spots, sagging skin, Spider Veins, and a spectrum of Blotchy Complexion ).

Therefore, sun protection is essential. The skin can be protected by looking for shade to stay in, covering up with dirty clothes, and using a broad-spectrum, sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher. One should use sunscreen every day on all areas of the skin that are not covered by clothing, regardless of the normal skin tone.

2. Stop smoking. Smoking greatly accelerates the appearance of signs of skin aging, causes wrinkles early, and makes the appearance of skin color pale. "Tobacco smoke contains toxins that can lead to the emergence of what is known as a smoker’s face," says the American Academy of Dermatology. Signs of smoker face include dry skin lacking freshness, loss of firmness of the components of the skin layer, the appearance of early lines and wrinkles.

6 daily steps to look younger
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