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Bruges City «Venice of the North»

Bruges City «Venice of the North»

The Belgian city of Bruges is one of the most beautiful European tourist destinations at the moment. Not surprisingly, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, dating back to prehistoric times, followed by periods of Roman domination, and incursions by the Franks and then the Viking tribes. Throughout these periods, Bruges remained one of the most important strategic ports on the Belgian coast.

-Historical Background:

But it was a period of prosperity between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries AD due to waterways suitable for merchants and the wealthy alike. By the 19th century, waterways were clogged with silt, which made it difficult to use to move on and slowed down the economic growth of a city that was absent in a slumber like a sleeping princess that needed a kiss to revive her. This kiss came through tourism. Beginning in the 19th century, it became a tourist destination that attracted wealthy people from Britain and France.

-City’s attractions:

The main market square is one of the central places from which to explore the city. It has a central location overlooking the city hall building and the bell tower, A few buildings from different periods of time, including the new professional-style Gothic District Court building. Not far from here, there is a strange and beautiful Museum «Frites» at the same time. A museum dedicated to the history and culture of Belgian French fries, as well as the Chocolate Museum, the Museum of Lanterns, and even the Museum of Torture Tools despite its satisfactory appeal.
 -City’s attractions

The Stadthaus building of the City Hall in Bruges is a historic 14th-century Masterpiece where a fully decorated ceiling can be enjoyed. The bell tower in the center of the city, which dates back to the 13th century, contains 48 large bells.

The building is 83 meters above the ground and is recommended to climb through a narrow steep staircase, consisting of 336 stairs to enjoy the breathtaking view overlooking the canals and streams while looking forward to the red sloping roofs of antique red brick.

Other places worth visiting here include the Chocolate Corner and the street of Murstrat.

For restaurants, if you are looking for a sophisticated Mediterranean touch you can try the restaurant «Olive Tree», and for vegetarians, restaurant «Platz», which offers healthy and fresh food, making it one of the options for lunch or dinner unofficial formal. There is a restaurant and bakery «Carpe Diem» for lovers of classics with a wide range of different teas.

One of the best ways to stroll through the city's winding streets are horse-drawn carriages, a stroll along the canals, or a boat ride to see the beautiful gardens built bridges and buildings with impressive architectural features nearby.

The best time to visit Bruges is spring when the fields and streets are filled with daffodils, or as soon as the Christmas season ends in winter when it is a bright white snowsuit.

Bruges City «Venice of the North»
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