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Earn money from Internet by Affiliate Marketing (Banggood)

Earn money from Internet by Affiliate Marketing (Banggood)

Banggood is one of the world's leading Chinese online stores, along with AliExpress, gearbest and Wish. You can buy any product you want from it. In recent years, Banggood has made millions of sales, making it enter the adult club next to Amazon, eBay and other major online stores in the world.

The great thing about this site is that it offers services other than shopping and buying, which is to make money from it. Among these services is the commission sale system or Banggood Affiliate Program.

Affiliate or affiliate marketing is simply to promote certain products and you get a commission for every sale made by you.

For each sale, you indicate that you are getting referral points from Banggood, which can be changed to cash. The commission is calculated as a percentage of the total value of the product price.

Banggood offers some new features in terms of shipping such as free shipping with a short arrival (35 days) compared to a site such as Ali Express, where the duration of free shipping up to (60 days), as well as one of the few foreign sites that provide shipping via Aramex without the need to put the Shop & Ship account which is considered one of the distinctive things for the people of the Arab world, especially when shipping certain products need to display or clear customs.

Banggood also offers payment features, such as PayPal and Visa / MasterCard. It also offers a feature that is not available on foreign websites yet, except on this site, which is the pay-on-delivery feature.

Bangwood offers two benefits for those who want to start selling online but don't have products yet, you can market and sell the products that the site sells, but on your own website or e-store and know how to sell.

- How do I refer to customers?

You can only display your Banggood AD or link on your website, blog, social media, forums or any website and get a commission on any sale that comes from you.

- How much commission can I get?

You get a Commission of up to 12% on each sale. So, the more you sell, the higher your profits.

- How can I join?

There are no costs to register, joining Banggood is free. You can start by simply joining the 

Banggood Affiliate Program. 

Earn money from Internet by Affiliate Marketing (Banggood)
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