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Quick Running Mistakes… The most famous ones and some tips

Quick Running Mistakes… The most famous ones and some tips

Running is one of the most famous sports, which is practiced by many different types, and perhaps running is one of the most famous types of exercise, but there are many and many of the mistakes of running fast when doing exercise, and for the sake of your safety Dear reader, we will provide In this article you get the most important errors of fast running In addition to the most important tips for the practice of running properly, follow us to know more.

- Benefits of Running

Running is an inexpensive sport that can be practiced anywhere and at any time, in addition to its many benefits, which you can recognize in the next few lines. The most important benefits of running are:
  • Improve cardiovascular health.
  • Lowering blood pressure.
  • Lowering the cholesterol level.
  • Improve metabolism.
  • Help to feel self-confident.

- Fast running errors

Despite the many benefits of running, there are some mistakes that may be made by some during exercise, and therefore not to achieve the desired benefit of it, here are the most important mistakes that you can make when running without feeling:

Speeding up too early, no matter how fast you run or how far, moving to jogging maybe one of the mistakes you make and lead to injury, so you should start gradually. You must warm up Before running, warming up is an important step in order to avoid injury, you must make some movements that help to prepare the muscles to run.

 Quick Running Mistakes… The most famous ones and some tips

Not wearing proper shoes, wearing inappropriate shoes may cause pain or injury.   

Inability to move in different directions, runners have the ability to run in one direction, but find it difficult to do lateral movements, making them vulnerable to injury.

If you do not eat properly, a balanced diet is necessary to achieve your goal, and you should not delay eating after running.

Excessive exercise, as daily and non-stop exercise may result in injury.
Adhering to a specific exercise program, it is good to have a preferred exercise program, but you should change the system from time to time, as this helps to increase the efficiency of the body.
Fatigue of the upper body, upper body fatigue and shoulders are wasting body energy and slowing down the running speed.
Setting unrealistic goals, it's important to set realistic goals when you run and be honest with yourself and your abilities.

- Tips for running:

Many athletes and runners want to achieve their goals and objectives of running sport and each of them usually has his own rules and habits in order to achieve it, but there are some basic tips and rules that everyone must adhere in order to benefit, and these are:

Get a coach advising them what to do.

Relax by moving your arms and shoulders before running.

Warm-up properly so as not to affect your body's muscles.

Talk to yourself and be sure to check your body before running. 

Make sure you feel relaxed and not nervous.

Make sure your body is straight from head to toe even when you are tired.

Make sure your knees are safe by doing special exercises that strengthen your hip, knees, and joints.

Now that you have finished this article, dear reader, you will be introduced to the mistakes of running fast you should avoid in addition to the most important tips to follow.
Quick Running Mistakes… The most famous ones and some tips
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