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Rio de Janeiro ... Pearl of Brazil and Theater of Delight

Rio de Janeiro ... Pearl of Brazil and Theater of Delight

It was no longer mentioned that it was the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal from the beginning of the nineteenth century until independence in 1822, and the capital of the “Empire of Brazil” until the unveiling of the modern capital «Brasilia», which came out entirely from the office of the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. But everyone knows that it is still that «wonderful city« and Pearl of Brazil, which tickles the dreams of adventure pioneers, and wish travel lovers to visit even once in their lives.

It is one of the seven wonders of the world, and a theater of joy, dance, and singing. It alone summarizes one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world.

It bears its name from the day of its birth on January 1 - Janeiro, Portuguese - when the ships of sailors from Portugal docked in its bay in 1502.

Three days may be enough to visit this charming city, But we suggest at least five days. Its natural and tourist attractions are endless, enjoying the unique lifestyle that is going on in its veins around the clock, and making it a global capital of bustle and show celebrations deserve it.


We start our tour of Rio from its most famous landmarks: the world-famous beaches and the city within the city. It has its own life and ritual that attracts millions every year from all over the world.

Copacabana is the most famous among these beaches and the longest. Extending more than three kilometers between the terrain covered with dense green that touches the white soft sand, separated by only beautiful stone corridors designed by the well-known engineer Roberto Marx in the middle of the last century when this beach was the destination of celebrities and wealthy people from all over, rushing to the hotel The reputation that stands at its tip and is still today one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

But Rio is not just a charming nature, a mild climate and a permanent theater for the joy of living and the joy of life. It is an active cultural center and a first-class art pole, where the movement revolves around theaters, museums, galleries, and public libraries, most of which are housed in a number of magnificent buildings and engineering landmarks.

The municipal theater of these buildings dates back to the colonial era in the city center. Nearby is the Palace of the Public Library built by the King of Portugal and called the «Royal Office of Reading», which includes a precious collection of ancient books and manuscripts inside an engineering masterpiece. Between the two, there is the famous 19th-century Colombo Café, which still bears witness to the splendor of its halls and desserts.

Perhaps the best thing to conclude our tour of Rio de Janeiro is to visit the "Big Island" in the bay. It covers 193 square kilometers of green plains, rivers, waterfalls, forests, mountains and charming beaches.

Cars and vehicles are prohibited on this island, where transportation is limited to small boats or walking. It is not possible for the visitor to leave before seeing in the middle of the rocky mountain, which is known as the «parrot beak», which is similar to the beak of this bird, which abounds in its forests.
Rio de Janeiro ... Pearl of Brazil and Theater of Delight
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