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How do you choose the right sport for body shape? And why?

How do you choose the right sport for body shape? And why?

Some choose a type of sport that does not fit the shape of its body, which causes wasted effort and time on a sport that does not help in slimming or building muscle because it did not work on the areas that are filled with and accumulate fat, so each person based on the shape of his body has many exercises that suit him Also, this test and choosing a type of exercise is also important for athletes to master the kind that enables them to build muscles. Know with us the types of sports appropriate for the shape of the body in this article.

Body shapes:

There are several forms of the body, and they differ from one person to another according to the heredity and the personal nature of the body from birth, namely:

Pears, this type expresses thinness from above in the chest area, and fullness begins in the area of the buttocks and thighs.

Apple, this type of body is filled up from above in the shoulder and chest and begins to lose weight down.

The ruler (banana), this body is characterized by the division of its body, and often these people are very thin.

Hourglass (cup), this type of body is full in the chest and buttocks with tightness and sculpting in the waist and abdomen.

Why do we have to choose the right type of exercise?

Some people ask this question, "Why should I choose a suitable type for me, as all sports are beneficial and certainly will lose my weight ?!", Choosing the right body-shaped sport makes the way to lose weight faster because you are working on the part that needs exercises.

Some exercises require the athlete to make a greater effort to get oxygen to the ends that he needs in exercising. Boxing is different from basketball, which needs support in the arms, while basketball needs support in the lower back.

Exercise suitable for body shape:

When choosing a type of sport that suits you, it is best for you to choose a sport that suits your body shape:

The sport that fits the pear shape where the fullness is in the thighs and buttocks area, you can increase the muscle mass, in these areas, so it will be a sport like weight lifting or rugby sports.

The exercises appropriate to the shape of the apple are sports that work to strengthen the muscles of the heart and chest and reduce fat from these areas, which is the sport of swimming or resistance exercises.

Banana exercises are appropriate for running races such as running and participating in a marathon, and if you are long enough, ball sport for a basket is suitable for you as well.

The types of sports suitable for every body shape:

Pear body:

Cardio exercises, this type of exercise is important for burning fat in the thighs and buttocks, do this type of exercise for 3 days.

Squat exercises, work to lose weight from the bottom, do 20 to 30 minutes twice a week.

Strength and resistance exercises, this type of exercise with weightlifting is suitable for weight loss.

The ruler body:

The best body shape exercises are cardio exercises that increase muscle mass, practiced initially for 3 days, using medium weights at the beginning from 8 to 12 sets of exercises.

Hourglass body:

Cardio exercises are suitable for this type of body, do exercises one to two days a week, using light weights, preferably away from heavyweights so as not to gain weight and accumulate fat in the extremities.

The body of the apple:

Cardio exercises with weight lifting, light weights are very useful for getting rid of excess fat in the chest and shoulder areas, as they work to sculpt the abdominal muscles.

In conclusion, choosing the appropriate exercise for your body shape will not only enable you to lose weight, but it will work to get rid of the fat in the parts that you want to lose weight from and help you to increase muscle mass in other places.
How do you choose the right sport for body shape? And why?
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