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Sports Training Center: Please act properly!

Sports Training Center: Please act properly!

Exercise at the gym is a great way to burn calories, body consistency, and also to vent a little. However, there are rules for behavior at the Sports Training Center and if we all adhere to them, we will enjoy effective and safe training.

We all have different reasons for exercising at the gym training center, whether it is for burning calories, for muscle refinement, or just to stay in good health, no matter what the motivation is, for some of us the mere access to the training center is an achievement in itself.

Therefore, when others train in the gym and do not act politely, brazenly or speak loudly, it may be frustrating and even distract us from our goals at best ... In the worst case, misconduct can harm us physically. If we act like this without paying attention, then we may be the ones causing the damage.

For example, trainees who do not sweat from the training and weight training devices may transmit to others infectious diseases and even fungi, cellular phone calls may cause heavyweights to lose their focus, and those who do not put weight back into place may put other people at risk of slipping and falling. Such situations can be easily prevented. With good manners and a sound mind, the training center can be an enjoyable, safe and healthy experience for everyone.

Please do not laze:

One of the important rules in the gym is the need to return the devices to their place. There are people who simply leave weights on the ground, and by laziness, it threatens the lives of others. Not only are they difficult to search for the required weights, but these weights are an obstacle for others, and they may cause accidents.

The removal of obstacles by the trainers at the training center is very important for two reasons. First, many trainees look at themselves in the mirror during exercise to assess their movements, and their eyes are occupied with attention away from obstacles.

In addition to the focus of the trainees' view in the mirror and not on the ground during exercise, the trainee's focus is directed entirely to the work of muscles or exercise, and again, it is very difficult to understand that there are weights scattered on the ground.

Another danger is that of those who do not put the weights in their proper position. There is no need to explain about the risk of a 20-kilogram iron block, for example.

Please keep calm:

Do you know those who lift weights and simply shout loudly from the intensity of pain, effort, manhood, and testosterone? Usually, in the end, they throw heavyweights hard and with a big blow on the ground or to their place.

The sounds of groans and noise are dangerous because they harm the concentration of other trainees in the gym. Other trainees are also engaged in training that includes heavy lifting and complex movements. They should not disturb their focus during training.

Even if you lift heavy weights, be careful not to scream so as not to disturb the focus of others and be careful not to lift very heavy weights not only for your safety but also for the safety of others. If you try to lift weights higher than normal, ask the training center supervisor to accompany you to ensure the safety of the training.

Please leave your mobile phone outside:

Talking to others while doing the exercise in the gym can be dangerous and lead to a lack of focus in carrying out the movement properly. While making an effort it is very important to pay attention to the muscles and focus on movement to prevent unwanted spasms and cramping.

In addition, in gyms, it is strictly forbidden to speak on the cell phone due to these reasons. You must listen to the instructions in the gym and refrain from talking on the cell phone so as not to disturb the concentration of other trainees. If you have to make a call, take a moment out of the gym and talk outside the gym, in the lobby or in the nearby café.
Sports Training Center: Please act properly!
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