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The best fashionable looks of Gigi Hadid and Bella in 2019

There is no doubt that Gigi Hadid and Bella were the most prominent names in 2019, as they shined in the world of fashion show and were among the best, and also starred in many occasions in the most beautiful and most distinctive fashion designs, and it is striking that each of them adopted their own style that distinguished them from the other. Today we collected the most prominent views of Gigi and Bella Hadid in 2019, see the photos and choose the one that you think was the most brilliant in terms of elegance.

-The most prominent looks of Gigi Hadid in 2019:

The best fashionable looks of Gigi Hadid and Bella in 2019

Gigi Hadid has a feminine and soft style in fashion, and she always mixes it with modern touches, and in the views of the red carpet we see her choosing simple and out-of-cost designs that seem contemporary and keep pace with the latest fashion trends, and this year witnessed a number of distinctive looks for Gigi, We mention from them, her innovative look at the Met Gala party from Michael Kors, in which she looked like a queen of ice, her looks at the MTV beige party, which she chose from Tom Ford, and the distinctive blue looks that she chose for various occasions. Burber's signature ry, Louis Vuitton and Emilia Wickstead.

-The most prominent looks of Bella Hadid in 2019:

When it comes to everyday casual looks, Bella Hadid looks bolder than Gigi, but on the red carpet, we often notice that she tends to adopt attractive feminine looks, such as the special dresses she chose this year at Cannes, from Dior and Roberto Cavalli. Roberto Cavalli, a glamorous black look in a Michael Kors dress, a red dress from Versace with a distinctive story that brings out Bella's texture in the best ways, and other beautiful views of the red carpet.

Gigi Hadid and Bella highlights in 2019, see the photos that we have collected for you today from different occasions and choose the most elegant of them in your opinion.

-Gigi Hadid Launches 2020 Eye Shadow Trend on The Red Carpet:

Gigi Hadid launched the trend of winter 2020 eye makeup in collaboration with world-class beauty specialist Patrick Ta. The trend of make-up this season is saturated golden make-up, and he is seeing a marked difference from the hands of this expert, who chose Gigi for the winter beauty routine. The first time the star appeared in this make-up was on the red carpet during the CMA Awards ceremony, a saturated gold makeup soaked until the middle of the eye without covering the entire eyelid, as the size of yellow gold fell in the middle.

جيجي حديدThe best fashionable looks of Gigi Hadid and Bella in 2019

Hadid's make-up has a glow with a light thigh blush that has lifted her dangling lip and long earrings covered with tufts of her blond hair. Gigi's appeal that night turned this make-up into a trend for the 2020s, which ladies may start adopting on New Year's Eve.

The bronze-metallic make-up will also be a trend this winter, according to Patrick.
The best fashionable looks of Gigi Hadid and Bella in 2019
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