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Tourist places in Eskisehir, Turkey

Tourist places in Eskisehir, Turkey

Eskişehir (ES-KEE-sheh-heer) is a city located in the northwestern part of Central Anatolia in Turkey, and is home to about 500,000 people and two of the largest universities in Turkey - Anatolia University and Eskişehir Osmazzi University - so the city is nicknamed on a scale Spacious in the name of "student city" in Turkey. As for the famous Eski name, it translates to “old city” in Turkish, and it is a suitable name because the city embraces modern life while preserving a sense of ancient traditions and values.

-Access to Eskisehir:

The fastest and easiest way to get from Istanbul to Eskisehir is, in fact, the express train on a journey that only takes approximately 2.5 hours at a price of 46 TL per person.

You can also, take a bus from Istanbul to Eskisehir on a journey that takes no more than 4.5 hours, and it is worth noting that the price of one-way bus tickets is 60 TL.

The journey from Ankara to this beautiful city takes about two hours and 40 minutes by car.

You can visit this wonderful city whenever you want, but many experts assure that the best time to travel to Eskisehir is the end of spring and the beginning of autumn, thanks to the splendor of spring in this green city.

One of the best examples of Ottoman civil architecture, with its colorful houses and beautiful streets, Odunpazarı neighborhood in Eskisehir is even included on the UNESCO World Heritage site in 2012. You can also, during a visit to this beautiful neighborhood, enjoy a tour among many. From museums as well as perfectly restored Ottoman houses to their original shape.

The Contemporary Glass Arts Museum, the Liberation Museum, the Republic Museum of History and the Yilmaz Museum are just a few of the museums you can visit in this wonderful region.

Contemporary Glass Arts Museum:

The first glass art museum in this city was opened in 2007 in one of the historic houses in the Odunpazarı neighborhood, where the contemporary glass art museum, the first and only in its field, displays selected works of glass from both Turkey and the world.

It is closed on Mondays and other days from 10 in the morning until 5:30 in the evening. The entry price is 5 TL per person and 2 TL per student.

Wax Museum:

The wax museum in Eskisehir is famous, as is the case in many cities around the world, including Istanbul, where inside it usually includes wax statues of many of the square and famous figures in the country and around the world, including statesmen, artists, historical figures, Comedians. You can also see examples from world-famous people and singers among the statues.
Tourist places in Eskisehir, Turkey
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