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Ability to protect information

Ability to protect information

This information is divided into general information that everyone can see, and confidential information that only a group of people can see, use and modify. This type of information needs protection to prevent intrusion and access by people who may not be able to access it. Therefore, the concept of information security came into existence, suggesting the possibility of protecting information. Since there are many vulnerabilities and information leaks, this is an ongoing process that has spread widely recently.

The concept of Information Security

Information security is the protection of certain information to prevent unauthorized persons from registration or access to certain information, because regardless of whether the information is written or stored using ways different store or on the internet, it has been disclosed, distributed, modified or destroyed or deleted.

Information security elements

  • To ensure the success of the information protection process, the following elements must be used:
  • Confidentiality: it is designed to ensure that unauthorized persons cannot and cannot access information, this can be achieved by assigning a secret number that must be violated to access the information.
  • Integrity and completeness of content: you must ensure that at any stage, whether through internal processing of information or through illegal external interference, no information content is deleted, modified or destroyed.
  • Continuity of service or information: you must ensure that users can continue to use the service.
  • Installing user access to Information: This is done by saving all the operations they perform, so no one will refuse what they did.

Steps to protect information

  • Specify the information to be protected and the degree of protection so you know the level of protection required.
  • Identify the risks faced by the information to understand appropriate ways that can be taken to protect the information.
  • Identify appropriate protection methods, such as fingerprints, eye charts, passwords, information encryption and many other methods.
  • Develop an alternative plan to prevent undermining the first method of protection to ensure the protection of information.

Information protection measures

  • There are several measures used to protect information, namely Access Control, identity verification and auditing, all of which are represented by AAA codes, and all measures are used daily to protect security.
  • Access control access: through them, various methods are used to prevent people from accessing networks or devices.
  • Proof of validity: through which the effectiveness of the system or users ' information is confirmed.
  • Audit: through this step, information security and non-disclosure security can be ensured continuously, and hackers can be found at any time.

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