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Download Kaspersky software 2019

Download Kaspersky software 2019

If we talk about computer protection programs or phone protection programs, the first thing that will fall into the listener's mind is the protection giant Casper, which has about 400 million personal users, and more than 270 thousand companies, where the program offers maximum protection from malicious attacks, malicious viruses that affect files and cause their damage .

Casper program fits with people who use games frequently on computers, as some players were suffering from viruses that appear with the running of games, there are some programs that disable the game and destroy its files, but with Casper program became easy to run games, and the work of a scan of the device, without fear of deleting files playing games, because the.

Features of Kaspersky software :

  1. Full protection from hackers, hackers and ransom seekers .
  2. Prevent the use of camera or MIC through hackers and do not operate it .
  3. Close sites you don't want to be accessed .
  4. Protection from harmful viruses on your phone or computer .
  5. USB scan and virus removal .
  6. To maintain data when surfing the internet .
  7. Family and parental control of children and monitoring of unhelpful sites .
  8. It comes with a version of the program that changes the IP and it helps protect your IP from malicious websites and hackers .
  9. Integrated support by the software manufacturer responded to all queries .

Kaspersky program requirements :

If your computer does maintenance 32 bytes you will need to Ramat 1GB at least, if your Windows device is running 64 bytes, you'll need to have the device Ramat 2 say anything to or about the phones exceeded the RAM required is 1 ram at least .

To download it please click here
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