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Download the latest version of Avast virus software

Download the latest version of Avast virus software

 With the development of viruses that virus makers develop to infect files on computers or mobile phones, security companies are also developing virus software to protect devices from malicious attacks by hackers and protect against malicious viruses .

Today we will introduce you through Avast virus program, which has become one of the best protection programs in the world, where it downloaded more than 75 million users in 2009, and is the first competitor of the world famous programs such as Avira, Casper, and other programs .

Avast offers several solutions to protect computers and phones. The program not only works as a program to delete viruses, but it can be used in many other things, which we will learn about by showing the features of this wonderful program .

Avast program features :

  1. Wi-fi monitoring: this feature allows you to monitor your Wi-Fi, preventing hackers from accessing your login name on the internet .
  2. cleaning the browser: this feature cleans the browser from harmful residues, and also works to protect the passwords that are saved in browsers and speed up browsing on the internet .
  3. protection from ransomware attacks: for those who do not know this, some hackers hack into computers, and then encrypt the files on them and then send the computer owner to ask for money in exchange for the recovery of those encrypted files .
  4. on and off mode: you can Avast easily control the operation of the program at the time you want, where you can stop it at a specific time and run it at a specific time, as you can stop it in case you are playing on the computer and do not want to disturb .
  5. software update: this feature allows you to update software on the computer directly from Avast, when software updates are available on the computer .
  6. spam protection : Avast protects your email from spam that is sent randomly on your computer .
  7. data destruction: Avast enables you to destroy data, which you do not want to be seen without fear that it will be retrieved again .

To Download Avast for PC or phone please click here

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