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Everything you need to know about SSL security certificate and how to get it for free


Everything you need to know about SSL security certificate and how to get it for free

 Connecting to the internet is a process that occurs every minute between all the smart devices in the world and the internet sites of your destination, during which a lot of important and sensitive information and data are traded by users, which pushes them to make sure that the websites they visit are correct in the first place, and also pushes you to.

As the owner of a website, a blog, or any virtual entity on the internet, you may have heard of this term before, and may not, and in both cases you need to know enough information about the ssl certificate, its importance, and how it is installed on your site to ensure the protection and security of its visitors.

What is an SSL certificate ?

First, the acronym SSL refers to three English words that are Secure Socket Layer, the layer of protection that when added to your site the data exchanged from the user's browser is encrypted to your site that the user has just visited. All information shared between the browser and the site therefore becomes private and fully secure against any possible hacking attack.

The importance of SSL certificate

The importance of SSL certificate

- Without this ssl protection certificate, it can easily block the transmission of data from the user's browser to the site visited by a hacker and then obtain it and use it to his advantage. Especially if the site is using an insufficiently secure HTTP protocol which is very easy to hack which poses a risk to users ' mutual data and information.

- The installation of an ssl certificate has become optional for sites regular generic type of information, but it is indispensable for websites that offer banking services, for example, or provide opportunities for defense procurement and conduct financial transactions remotely, or personal information protection and many online trading as the email address and passwords of your users.

- Ssl certificates help to gain customers ' trust in the site they visit, and give priority access to it when it appears in search results. Thus professionalize and secure your brand and distinguish it from its competitors.

- Speaking at the latest event, Google announced that sites that do not have an ssl will not appear in the search results and therefore the site will not receive any visits, which you certainly do not want to happen. So make sure you have one installed on your site.

How much is an SSL certificate priced?

Many virtual stores and websites offer several types of paid ssl certificates, the prices of which vary from site to site, especially if they offer additional services besides issuing security certificates, such as free extensions or domains, and generally the cost of purchasing an ssl certificate can range from fifty to two hundred dollars per year. For example, buying a GoDaddy security certificate costs from G 54 to G 274 per year on all types of Service.

If you want to purchase a ready-made security certificate from a site or agent, if you want to add it yourself, it will become much more expensive, and it may be difficult for you to access your site files yourself if you do not have the experience to do so.

How to get a free SSL certificate

How to get a free SSL certificate

Although there are some paid ssl certificates, there are also free ones if your budget is not suitable enough, or if your project is only going on temporarily and you don't want to spend much on it.

One of the popular sites that offer free security certificates is cloud flare which is easy to use, smooth and free to register in it, it is also heavily supported by the protection company malware and in turn supports the security of other popular sites such as Reddit and StakeOverflow.

There is also the Comodo website that provides you with a free ssl certificate and is approved by all other internet sites for 90 days, the equivalent of three months, so in case you want to get the certificate for a temporary period.
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