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How to email marketing ...?


How to email marketing ...؟

 E-mail was and remains one of the most important effective and continuous marketing tools to this day, it is almost the fastest and most influential means on customers in addition to being the least expensive among other marketing tools, and the use of e-mail may seem difficult at first if you are a beginner, you may stumble a lot between different tools and

What is email marketing?

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the email tool used in digital marketing largely by all the commercial organizations that we deal with constantly, we can simply say that when you send an email to your customer to notify him of your announcement of one of your new services and offers offered by your company, it follows that you build a virtual relationship with

The benefits of email marketing

Having simply learned what email is and is used in marketing, we still need to learn more about the importance of email, and why it remains the best traditional or traditional means of digital marketing.

1. e-mail as a communication channel

As we have already mentioned, almost all businesses around the world use email marketing heavily by constantly sending their own offers and services, which on the face of it seems very annoying, but nevertheless it has been proven in the latest statistics that about 99% of email users constantly check those marketing messages and see the latest updates, ensuring that your product news reaches the customers,

2. email is a stable and easy-to-access communication platform:

All of us today have several accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., but your accounts may be deleted or disabled, and then those commercial organizations will not be able to access you, while obtaining an email is a means of constant communication and guaranteed access is not amenable to deletion or sudden deactivation, you will certainly not find any obstacles

How to start an email marketing campaign? Don't you need exactly?

  1. start the marketing campaign email of your own, there are many uses of the e-mail that you should be aware of, for example, you can categorize email client named or highlighted on the occasion of certain according to the interests of that client by age, social status, for example, where it gives you a lot of power point and enter portals to his mind in several ways, you can also send congratulatory messages by formal occasions in their specific time of the year and then has the name of your company a place in his mind.
  2.  How to collect email for customers? Of course you can not take any of the above steps without having an e-mail list in the first place, this is the first and essential step to start a real e-mail marketing campaign, and the ways to get e-mail to your customers are easy and multiple, one of those ways is to require access to a website by registering via e-mail, or to offer them.

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