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How to manage a business ...?


How to manage a business ...?

The term business management refers to the process of organizing and coordinating a company's business, which usually involves several processes, including: production, finance, innovation, and marketing. 

Management is usually responsible for planning, organizing and controlling business sources and directing them towards the overall policy objectives of the enterprise or company.In this article we will discuss in detail the specialization of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Departments of Business Administration, as well as detailed information about business administration.

What is business administration?

Management is a function of doing business through planning, implementation, guidance and oversight to achieve organizational goals effectively and efficiently, taking into account the effects of internal and external work environment.

Business Administration, is a branch of study which provides students with an overview of a variety of materials, including Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, International Business, and management. Students at different universities take subjects and courses in each of these subjects, but some focus on one or more of these subjects.

Business management specialty materials 

I'm running a business are many and varied, including: 

  • Business management principles.
  • Marketing. 
  •  Finance. 
  • Human resources.
  • The public administration.
  • Procurement and stores.
  • Production and operations. 
  • International management. 
  • Bank management. 
  • Administrative policies.

Students studying Business Administration also take a lot of financial subjects in different subjects, of which we mention:

  • Business ethics and society. 
  • Career management skills. 
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Effective business communication. 
  • Management principles. 
  • Social media marketing.
  • Sustainable management. 
  • Topics in global economies. 

Business management functions

Business management functions

Anyone who wants to work in a business management job should be familiar with the basic roles that all managers perform, which include the following functions:
  • Planning: at this stage the management sets the company's objectives taking into account the current status of the company, its vision and mission and evaluating the available resources. To achieve the goals of the organization within a certain guideline, short-term and long-term goals are set, activities are prioritized, a schedule is established, and any new details of the project are passed on to the team.
  • Organization: the organization phase includes many tasks, for example: allocating resources and assigning the right employee in the right place so that he can achieve the previously set goals, and the manager in a certain department may need to cooperate with the departments in other departments and is supposed to create a productive environment that motivates employees to work well and
  • Leadership: leadership focuses on managing individuals and groups and motivating them to achieve organizational goals by giving orders and directives. A successful leader is a person who uses communication skills and is close to his team members. There are other driving styles than this. Executive leadership, training leadership, supporting leadership, and delegated leadership.
  • Control: managers at this stage to assess the implementation of the plan and making adjustments as necessary to ensure the achievement of objectives, as well as monitor the performance and quality of work of employees, so that the control give feedback on work. Proposals are made for development and at this stage managers can offer incentives to distinguished staff.

Business management areas

Business graduates can work in the following areas:

  • Consulting accounting.
  • Advertising promotion.
  • Banking and banking services.
  • Brand or production management.
  • Business development and management.
  • Financial and economic consulting.
  • Real estate marketing.
  • In the field of sales.
  • Research and statistical analysis.

Business management disciplines for girls

The best business management disciplines for girls

  •  Marketing (the art of selling)
  •  Financial Accounting: a division of a group of different professions and as follows:
  1. Financial accounting
  2. Management accounting
  3. Cost accounting
  4. Audit
  5. Account manager
  6. Tax accounting

 Human resources: it is divided into a range of professions as follows:

  1. Workforce planning
  2. Training
  3. Personnel Management
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Project management

Advantages of Business Management specialization:

  • High salary.
  • Have more job opportunities.
Finally... If you want to work as a company manager or become a company owner, we recommend that you study business management and get a bachelor's degree, as companies are always looking for qualified people who have sufficient experience in the required field.
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