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How to market via Facebook ... ?


How to market via Facebook ... ?

Facebook is one of the largest and most widely used social media platforms. We cannot ignore the importance of this platform and marketing through it as an essential part of the marketing plan of any business and whatever the purpose behind that campaign Facebook remains the most powerful marketing tool, and a good space to communicate with customers.Studies have shown that about 3 million companies use the Facebook platform to market their business and 93% of marketers regularly use Facebook within their social media marketing plans.

We will give you in this article marketing Facebook, Marketing, free Facebook, how marketing via video and all the details and tips that will bring you the most happiness and more success and proliferation.

Do you have a Facebook page for your business?

Users usually search for any business activity of any company through the Facebook search feature in order to identify its products, discover its brand and all the services, new products or after-sales services offered by this company and users can track past customer experiences and ratings before making a purchase.

Benefits and benefits of having your business page on Facebook

  •  Enhance awareness and knowledge of your logo and brand.
  •  Introduce your business exhibition and attract more suitable customers.
  • Next steps after you've created your company's Facebook page:
  • Manage your business page effectively.
  • Create compelling and engaging content.

Do not neglect fans of the page and interact with their comments Permanently in order to ensure the success of your marketing campaign.

Page management can be handed over to a specialist or to Facebook marketing companies, who have the skills to create content relevant to your company, answer customer questions, and respond to messages if you don't have the time.

Step to create a page for your business on Facebook:

  •  Fill basic information about your business.
  •  Add profile photo and cover photo.
  •  Add more important information about your company such as description, contact information, location, and working Times.
  •  Customize the sections in your page as per your company's need.
  •  You can add your team of editors in case you're working with a team.

How to market via Facebook

The programs of marketing on Facebook is not difficult, but it must be carefully thought out in order to publish your content, which is supposed to target audience accurately.

The basic rule of marketing experts is that the success of Facebook posts requires that eighty percent of the content on your page is intended to educate and entertain the audience and only twenty percent of the posts and content related to the promotion of your own business, which means that most of the content must be aimed at attracting public attention to your page.

Meet the Facebook Ads Manager

Meet the Facebook Ads Manager

Each person spends more than 50 minutes per day browsing Facebook, so it's no wonder that many marketers use Facebook ads in their marketing plans. Facebook Ads Manager can be used to create and manage your Facebook ads and the target audience can be easily controlled by their interests, gender, geographic location and anything else.

When to post on Facebook?

Timely posting gives your content greater impact and better results you will not achieve much if the target is asleep or offline, use the interaction data to determine what suits you best, consider the type of content you will publish, some of the content you will publish may be appropriate at a specific time and may give better results during it. But it will not give the same results at other times. 

Join the right groups

Think Facebook groups of the most important means of free marketing on Facebook is a very important part of marketing campaigns for any business relationship where companies have to put all of their possibilities and energies in building communities on Facebook or dealing with sets ready runs its clients or private companies in order to benefit the greatest number of users, and the existing advantages in marketing through movie sets:
  • You can publish the content you want about your business within the community. 
  • Enables you to target a specific audience and accurately. 
  • Interact with the audience: by answering questions, interacting in posts.
  • Feedback: groups are an important source to receive direct feedback from the audience and his remarks. Or submit contests to the public and offer free offers and samples.
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