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How to shop online ... ?

How to shop online ... ?

Offer stores auction sites and online trading a wide range of products and services that you may not find it in stores and traditional markets. Are you interested in online marketing but don't know enough about online shopping sites and online stores? And do you want to create an online store, but first you want to know more about the available payment methods and payment on delivery?  In this article we will answer all these questions as well as other important details.

Online shopping 

Buying online is a relatively new concept and is considered a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to find the goods and services they want and buy them directly from the seller through the online shops. Online shopping started on the internet through Amazon and was initially specialized in the sale of books and then developed to sell all other goods, products and services and spread in all countries of the world.

Potential client concerns 

The buyer may have some concerns about fraud or theft or may forget the electronic account information necessary to make the purchase.

 Benefits and advantages of buying online 

The benefits of online shopping for customers are numerous:
  • Consumers can learn detailed, comprehensive information on products available for sale, including price and specifications, components and other details on the website. This helps the consumer to choose the right product.
  • Learn about other consumers ' opinions and experiences and know their evaluation of the product or service.
  • Online purchase saves time and effort.
  • One of the most competitive advantages is that the products offered for sale have lower prices compared to the prices in traditional markets.
  • Delivery of products to customers after purchasing it as one of the most important advantages of online shopping.
  • Search feature and find specific specific models, brands or items. 

Online shopping requirements

Customers must have access to the internet and a valid payment method to complete the transaction, for example, a credit card, an Interac debit card or a service such as PayPal. The electronic seller delivers purchases to the customer if they are goods. As for digital services and products such as digital audio files for songs or movies the files are sent to the client via the internet.

How to pay over the network 
Online payment methods are electronic payment systems made through a mechanism and method that allows you to pay and transfer money mostly in electronic form for the products or services you purchase.

In the past years, we have observed the great development of electronic payment methods for many reasons, including the great proliferation of banking systems and e-commerce websites, and the increasing demand for them is the reason behind this.

Online payment steps

Online payment steps

Start by typing the name, address and credit card number used in the shopping site form and this data remains safe and protected and the browser makes sure the security certificate and it is recognized and helps to exchange secret words between the user and the shopping site usually the safe shopping site uses special encryption technology that makes the purchase mechanism safe between theStores usually display photos and descriptions of items displayed on the site and you have to choose between items to purchase and add them to your shopping cart. The shopping process ends with payment of the due price for the items you purchased.

Specifications of safe shopping sites

Security measures for secure shopping sites to prevent intruders from seeing information sent to and from the site:
  • Mostly the secure site address starts with https instead of http.
  • The secure shopping site uses a technology called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that controls to keep data safe as it travels online

Top five global shopping sites

  1. Amazon "Amazon" is the largest company ever in terms of online shopping.
  2.  AliExpress "" AliExpress is a Chinese trading company that offers in its online store various forms of goods and products at cheap prices.
  3. shopping is a site where a lot of products and goods such as furniture, electronics and clothing are available for various brands and companies.
  4.  is Ebay is a website dedicated to auctions, you can buy all the forms of goods and products including second-hand goods.
  5.  WALMART "" Walmart has hundreds of categories and is available to shop and buy products and then ship them to their premises at affordable prices.
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