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How to start your ad campaign on Google AdWords ?


 How to start your ad campaign on Google AdWords

If you are one of the entrepreneurs or an emerging entrepreneur, surely you want to market your services, to see and see and spread among people to get a number of potential customers larger than usual, and very relevant to your product, and when we mention the word marketing it is obvious to jump into your imagination adopt the idea of creating No is not traditional advertising has ended its effectiveness a long time ago, but today you will not find better than the internet in the start of your real advertising campaign, where your services reach a greater number of what you expect from customers, at the lowest possible cost, and in a few days, in order to achieve this goal, we offer you the Google ads or Google AdWords, read on to learn about what Google ads are, their benefits, and the ways to create your ad via the Google AdWords platform. 

What are Google ads?

Advertisements Google, or Google Ads Google Ads is an online platform subsidiary of Google's famous, one of the most important promotional or marketing, online since its emergence in the late Nineties until today, and their work mainly on the width of your service in the form of announcement at a small fee I don't remember, through all the electronic platform web sites and different.

If you are wondering what Google ads will bring to you in the future besides targeting and attracting customers from different geographical areas, you should know that Google ads are one of the profitable means on the internet as well, that is, it will benefit you financially later, for every dollar you spend for your ad to appear more broadly, you will receive an additional eight dollars in profit to your balance, but only if you click on your ad and gain access to your product, that is how Google ads work basically, which will only be realized when that customer is really interested in your ad to check out and learn more about it.

Why choose Google ads to promote your products?

Why choose Google ads to promote your products?

Google search platform is rich in definition and there is nothing comparable to its global fame now on the face of the entire globe, you have to know that it is used almost by four and a half billion people on a daily and continuous basis, which makes the probability of reaching your service enormous, and of course through the ad that you have created websites of all kinds!

Not only that, the Google AdWords platform gives you some flexibility in customizing the cost you want to spend on your ads on a daily basis, not depending on a specific cost, making it an affordable and affordable option, in addition to the complete freedom to stop and complete your ad campaign whenever you want without prior agreement.

How to start your ad campaign and create a Google Ads account from the Google Ads platform ?

Now that we know what Google ads are and their various advantages, you may now want to know the steps to start creating your desired ad.
  1. Access the Google Ads platform through the link: then press the start button.
  2. you will be required to enter your e-mail and password.
  3. after that, you will be transferred to the basic data page that includes your date of birth, the National number on your ID card, your phone number, the budget determination of the amount you will pay which must not be less than a certain amount determined by Google and varies from country to country, as well as the appropriate payment method for you.
How to start your ad campaign on Google AdWords

4-after you have entered the required data in the previous step, agree to Google's terms and policies, then click on "Register", which once clicked will display a page informing you that your account has been created on Google ads or Google ads.

How to start your ad campaign on Google AdWords
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