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Is it necessary to use a virus program on the computer?

Is it necessary to use a virus program on the computer?

A lot of people face difficulty in using virus programs, due to the difficulty of getting activated programs, the price of which rises when buying, and these programs burden the computer and make it slow in movement, reaction, and a lot of convulsions that occur to computers, so what is the solution? .

Some say it is necessary to add a program for viruses, and maybe you can use programs that help speed up the computer, but in fact these programs rarely help improve the device .

In today's article we will help you solve this problem, without having to use viruses on your computer . But there are some conditions for this which we will learn today .

  1. you should not download files from an unreliable site, you should be careful to look for reputable sites before downloading the files you need, and there are sites that scan files before downloading to make sure they are free of viruses, you can use them instead of the virus program on the computer .
  2. you must always update the Internet Browser, if you are an internet service user, you must update the browser periodically, because browsers fill gaps that prevent hackers from attacking and stealing personal accounts .
  3.  do not download files from other devices : in case you intend to download files from another computer's USB or hard you should be careful, and be absolutely sure that they are free of harmful viruses .

If you do these three things, you won't need virus software on your computer as long as you always apply it .

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