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Latest version of CM Security app

Latest version of CM Security app

 CM Security is one of the Giants of protection applications for mobile devices, which may not have been heard of much and although this application is not known significantly, CM has gained more than 600 million users worldwide, for its services of protecting the phone from viruses and malicious attacks by hackers .

CM Security has received an excellent evaluation by the virus tests, where it received the first place compared to competitors in this field, and the application has a lot of characteristics that are not indispensable for users, in terms of scanning the entire phone and entering the internal roots in the files, and checking them thoroughly .

CM Security also includes CM Security, VPN feature, this feature gives internet users the ability to surf the internet, without specifying their location their IP address, where the application changes the address and places of presence, in order to protect CM Security users from hackers and allow the use of cards and bank accounts online, and buy products without worrying about theft .

Features of CM Security :

  1. Comprehensive examination : through this feature, the application will perform a comprehensive examination of the phone, and all the applications in the phone, whether they are modern, or old applications .
  2. The possibility of scanning the memory card: some virus applications, do not scan the external memory of the phone (Memory ) . But with the CM Security app, a full scan of the memory card can be done .
  3. Auto scan: if you don't have time to do a phone scan don't worry, the app will do a periodic phone scan, to make sure the phone is free of viruses, and hacks .
  4. Site protection: some sites may have malicious files, so CM Security. It scans the files that are uploaded to the phone, makes sure they are free of viruses, and also scans those sites, to protect against malicious attacks .
  5. Not to affect the phone : the features of CM Security, not to affect the performance of the phone and its speed, search the application does not slow down the movement of the phone when using, and it does not affect the energy consumed when using .

Download CM Security app for Android phones click here

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