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Should I pee or neuter my cat?

Should I pee or neuter my cat?

To protect the mother cat from becoming pregnant, she needs a simple operation (before she is four months old), called "birth". Your boy cat will need to be "snipped." This will prevent your male cat from wandering around the territory in your home and will not fight. The procedure will also protect your pet from a disease called FIV (feline equivalent to HIV). Before the operation, your cat will be anesthetized, and once you get home, you will need to stay for a while according to your pet's recommendations.
Let your girl cat be released

In order to protect her from pregnancy, your cat needs to go to the veterinarian to do a simple operation called ``free range'' (also known as ``fixing'', ``neutralizing'' or ``finishing'' ).

Take care of her

When your female cat is about four months old, she will begin to attract the attention of tomcats who want to have sex with her.

This is why it is important to enlarge it before she is four months old to protect her from getting pregnant when she is a kitten.

You may have heard that it is good for cats to throw them away before they are released-but this is not the case. Once hunted, your kitten will be able to do all the things cats like to do, such as going outdoors, climbing trees and playing.

Let your boy cat be robbed

Your boy cat will need to perform a simple operation, which is to cut. This prevents him from spraying water in your house to mark his territory, which can be very smelly and severely injured by fighting. He is also unlikely to wander and run over, because the sniffed cat tends to stay closer to home.

Your cat will protect him from a nasty disease called FIV-the disease is the same as HIV in humans, only for cats. It is spread by cat bites, usually between males competing for females. People can't catch it.

What does the surgery involve?

Your cat will need to be put down at the veterinarian and picked up again later in the day.

The operation is very simple. He or she will be anesthetized. Once they get home, they will need a short stay-your veterinarian will advise-but they will recover and return to health soon.

Need help with fees?

If you get the benefit, you may get some help with the cost of raising a cat. Please contact your local RSPCA branch.

Other charities, such as Cats Protection, may also help.

Solving the cat crisis

The number of cats in the UK has reached a crisis point. Although there are subsidized sterilization programs provided by rescue organizations, more and more cats enter our care and fewer and fewer houses adopt cats. Our center was overcrowded and we had to pay expensive private boarding fees.

We are working with many other charities under the umbrella of the Cat Population Control Group (CPCG) to reduce the number of unwanted cats born in the UK.

You can find more information about what CPCG is doing on the Kitten Neutering Database website and access the veterinary database of cats neutered under four months.

Our report "Solving the Cat Crisis: A Collaborative Sterilization Method" (PDF 2.73MB) found that the owner postponed sterilization because the cat should be allowed to raise a litter of kittens. Read more findings and solutions in the report. 
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