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Top antivirus and protection apps for Android and IOS


Top antivirus and protection apps for Android and IOS

Who doesn't want to browse online securely and privately? Today, in this open world, we use mobile phones significantly between browsing on Facebook, watching videos on YouTube or chatting on WhatsApp, all of us use communication sites in one way or another, and between all those different and different uses, there is no doubt that most of us fall into the trap of downloading harmful applications or games without our knowledge, which

In this article, we review the three most important anti Virus protection applications for phones running both Android and IOS in order to provide security, protection and privacy for your mobile phone by detecting and combating viruses and malicious files that threaten your phone completely free of charge without the cost of any subscriptions or expenses.

Here are the three best protection apps for 2021:

1-Avast Mobile Security

Application services:

  • Complete scanning of files and applications installed on the phone periodically.
  • Stop apps working in the background to prevent draining of phone battery power, this feature is optional you can turn it on or off during settings.
  • Check the WiFi network connected to your device in order to protect you from open WiFi devices in public cafes and notify you of threats if any.

  • Block annoying phone calls.
  •  Detect and combat data theft attempts.
  • Alert of dangerous or mined locations and detect potential threats from it.
  • Allows you to use VPN security and encryption tool to protect your online activity from spying.
  • Clean the phone from old or duplicate files or forgotten applications that do not perform any function for a long time.
  • The free version of it supports the appearance of ads.

The application works as a remote firewall so that prevents harmful or unknown files from infiltrating into the phone, and provides an extra feature is not less important than others, which is the tool to lock applications with a PIN code and its importance lies in preventing access to applications and private or confidential data such as images, for example, if your phone is stolen or suitable Fully work on phones without the slightest problem.

2- Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Application services:

  • Speed of performance, where the application does not slow down the work of the phone or affect the performance of other applications.
  • Space occupied by the app on the phone is small.
  • The application has more privacy protection features than other applications, which is to protect the phone camera, protect the microphone, prevent geo-location tracking of the mobile, and create special passwords for each of your mobile applications.
  • Saving battery power however gives you the best performance.
  • A free version is available, and a paid version is available at very low prices.

It is worth mentioning that Bitdefender is a reliable application with a well-known brand and highly rated by technical experts for its excellent defensive ability, coupled with the fast application performance with minimal battery consumption, makes its presence does not affect the speed and performance of the overall phone, as well as one of the disadvantages of the application is the limited free VPN The application offers much less features for Mac computers than for its Windows counterpart, and this is the second drawback of the application.

3- Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Application services:

  1. Checking links to malicious websites and potential threats.
  2. It is considered one of the best parental control applications on sites and files.
  3. Includes effective screening of hacking and phishing attempts.

The application offers two versions, one free and one paid, and both offer more than great features of protection, one of those features the free version has the possibility of checking email and monitoring the number of times of unknown login destinations, and the application comes with the feature of automatic scanning of records meaning that it can not monitor your records or

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