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Why, when and how to groom the cat?

Why, when and how to groom the cat?

Grooming your cat can remove dust, dead skin and loose hair. It can also prevent severe tangles and matting, and can even promote blood circulation. Your pet can also enjoy extra quality time! Long-haired cats need to be groomed every day, while short-haired cats have a grooming session every week. Avoid using scissors to cut the hair, and it is best to use a professional hair removal comb or grooming gloves when caring for the cat. Grooming regularly will help you monitor your cat's health more closely and improve your cat's health.

This is all the knowledge needed to groom a cat, including why, when and how. Provides good advice on choosing the best brush for your cat and ensuring that they learn to communicate with you in grooming.

Should you groom your cat?

The condition of cats' coats can well illustrate their overall health and nutritional status.

Combing can remove dust, dead skin and loose hair, prevent severe tangles and matting, and can improve blood circulation.

Grooming regularly can also allow you to spend quality time with your cat and provide an opportunity to monitor its health.

Check for patches, cuts or hairy problems. If the cat's coat condition changes, please contact your veterinarian for an examination.

How much time is spent grooming cats

How much time you spend grooming your cat depends on your individual cat. Short regular meetings are best. Use compliments and hospitality to help your cat give the groom a positive association.

Shorthair cats usually groom themselves well. However, it is important to have a grooming session at least once a week to keep the coat in good condition.

Many long-haired cats need to be groomed every day to prevent knot formation.

Some cats find it uncomfortable to groom. If you notice the cat twitching, wagging tail, growling or hissing, please end the meeting.

Grooming a long-haired cat

Use a metal wide-toothed comb and follow the direction of natural hair growth. Including the chest and abdomen, behind the ears, the back of the legs and the armpits (armpit area), tangles tend to form in these places.

Tie the knot gently with a comb to avoid damaging the skin.

Keep grooming time short, especially when your cat adapts to them and receives compliments and rewards.

Choose the best comb or brush

There are various combs and brushes available. Some are dedicated to checking fleas and eggs, while others are helpful for the moulting season.

There is a special hair removal comb, and you should use it instead of trying to cut off the fluffy fur with scissors, as this may cut the cat’s skin.

Soft bristles and pin brushes can help distribute natural oils, thereby helping to improve the condition of the cat’s fur.

The smooth brush is great for stretching dead cat hair and ruining mats.

You can also buy modified gloves, which can be used to remove dead hair in short-coated varieties.
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