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3 refreshing natural juices without alcohol

3 refreshing natural juices without alcohol

Without alcohol we always want to eat some types of cocktails and juices but we refrain from that because they contain alcohol, but we will offer 3 refreshing and very tasty and alcohol-free types, ranging from lemon soda to fruit juice, which will bring you a cloud of recovery to a whole new level.

Garita Mom :

Offer your guests a refreshing non-alcoholic cocktail, a fresh mixture of citrus juice, lemon, orange and lemon soda.

Ingredients of Greta mom

  • - 85 ml of lemon soda
  • - 28 ml of orange juice.
  • - The 28 ml of lemon juice
  • - The coarse salt
  • - Ice.
  • - 1 slice of Orange
  • - 1 slice of lemon

Method of preparation of Greta mom

  1. Mix soda, orange juice, and lemon juice together.
  2. Cover the edges of the Cup with salt
  3. Pour the mixture over the ice and put the slices of lemon, orange on the edge of the cup.
  4. Loma Fawkes

If you're looking for something more different than your usual cocktail, try Loma focus without competitors, a delicious lemon and grapefruit juice that will give you a sense of freshness.

Components of Loma Fawkes

  • - 85 ml of lemon soda
  • - The 40 ml of grapefruit juice
  • - The 15 ml of lemon juice
  • - Ice.
  • - 1 slice of grapefruit

Method of preparation of Loma Fawkes

  1. Mix soda, grapefruit juice and lemon together
  2.  Pour them over the ice into the Cup, put the grapefruit slice on the edge.
  3. Jito faux-jito

You will never go wrong when choosing a Jito Fawkes cocktail, every sip of it will give you an irresistible taste of a refreshing flavour mixture.

Components of Gito Fawkes

  • - 4 berries of raspberries
  • - Hand filling of mint leaves
  • - A pinch of sugar.
  • - 2 lemon slices
  • - Ice.
  • - Lemon soda.
  • - 2 round slices of lemon

How to prepare Gito Fawkes

  1.  Put berries and mint leaves in a glass
  2.  Sprinkle over the sugar and squeeze the lemon slices
  3.  Squeeze the berries and mint together
  4.  Add ice and top with lemon soda
  5. Then throw the lemon circles into the cup and stir them.

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