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4 parts in chicken is not recommended to eat

4 parts in chicken is not recommended to eat

Chicken meat is a favorite meat of all people, not only because it is delicious and tender but also contains nutrients for the body. Chicken meat also helps control cholesterol levels and prevents the risk of cancer. Despite the many benefits of chicken, the presence of parts in the chicken can be dangerous to health and is not recommended.

Chicken heads

It turns out that the heads of chickens that eat together constitute a significant risk to health, especially with the consumption of a lot does not cause diseases in the brain and lymph nodes, because who raise chickens sprinkle some antibacterial substances and thus accumulate on top of the chicken, these chemicals are transmitted to us when ingested .

Chicken tail

Is concentrated in the lymph nodes in the tail of the chicken, a lot of bacteria and viruses and even carcinogens that cause great harm to the body .U

Chicken skin

Although the chicken skin tastes delicious, it stores a lot of fat and thus leads to an increase in weight and high cholesterol in the blood except bacteria that accumulate in the chicken skin so it is better to remove it and not eat it .

Chicken Neck

The occasional chicken neck may not pose much danger, but in fact it contains a lot of germs and bacteria that can lead to serious diseases .

Chicken wings

There has been much news in the past and so far about the dangers of chicken wings as studies have shown that wings that are a place for chicken injections indirectly store chemicals that are very dangerous to the body, so eating wings too much can cause diseases and tumors .

Nutritionists advise avoiding the chicken portions we talked about to prevent any health problems that hurt the body .

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