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Benefits and damage of caviar

Benefits and damage of caviar

The benefits and harm of caviar or fishmonger or as some call it fish eggs is one of the most dishes that enjoy a great nutritional value and useful as one of the most important appetizers and the most expensive in the world, because of its many health benefits, it supplies the body with vitamins and minerals that it needs, and treats many health problems,In this article we review the most important health benefits of fishmeal.

Provide the body with energy:  

Fish omentum contains a large amount of vitamin B12, amino acids that supply the body with energy, make man more active and energetic.

Treats depression:

Psychiatrists often prescribe fish omelet to depressed patients, because it is rich in omega-3.

Natural sex tonic:

Research and medical studies have proven that fish omentum has the ability to increase fertility in men, increase sexual arousal, and it is called “Natural Viagra”.

Useful for heart health:

Fish omentum contains vitamins and minerals that strengthen the heart, protect against clots, strokes and blood clotting, and also regulate blood pressure.

Boosts immune system:

Fish omentum contains vitamin E, which strengthens cells, strengthens the immune system, protects against many diseases.

Useful for skin and skin:

Fish omentum contains vitamins and minerals that help strengthen the skin, get rid of dead cells.

Improves vision:

Fish omentum contains a large amount of vitamins that help treat eye infections, strengthen vision.

Helps to lose weight:

Need to clear a large amount of protein that provides the body with energy, and increases the feeling of satiety for a long

Useful for the brain:

Help the fish to strengthen the nervous system and memory because it contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Strengthens muscles:

 The protein found in fish omelets helps strengthen muscles.

Side effects and contraindications:

Although it has many benefits, fish omelette may have some side effects in case of overeating it and prefer to stay away from it completely in cases :

  • High blood pressure.
  • High cholesterol.
  • High uric acid in the blood.
  • In cases of pregnancy and lactation, it is preferable to take it only after consulting a doctor.


 Before eating a fishmonger, it must be thoroughly washed and sterilized to eliminate the bacteria stuck to it, especially salmonella bacteria that lead to many diseases.

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