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Benefits of beeswax for sinuses

Benefits of beeswax for sinuses

Beeswax is one of the most important products produced by bees, which is expensive, and has many benefits and variety, as beeswax is considered as a pharmacy that treats all diseases and strengthens immunity, as it is prescribed in European countries and America within the treatment prescribed by the doctor for patients especially Allergy and sinus patients.

What is the benefit of beeswax for sinus that?

Beeswax treats respiratory allergies, symptoms of leaching and cold, and has a particularly important and effective sinus treatment effect.

Beeswax is sold in the markets either in the form of small granules that are easy to chew, or in the form of hexadecimal as produced by bees and is soft and easy to be divided into small granules, a teaspoon of it is chewed from one to two times a day, which helps to relieve the pain caused by sinusitis and headaches and.

Doctors abroad are prescribed for people with sinus infections to chew beeswax beads as a treatment for symptoms and pain twice a day with two tablespoons of bee honey, symptoms disappear completely from the first experience for four hours and then completely disappear after a week of regular intake.

Other benefits of beeswax:

  1. Used with honey to reduce cholesterol in the blood
  2. Strengthens immunity and acts as a natural antibiotic
  3. Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory
  4. Treats certain skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema
  5. Reduces the risk of various kidney diseases
  6. Natural and powerful moisturizer for skin


It is better to chew a teaspoon of beeswax morning and evening when the seasons change and at the beginning of the school year in schools for children to prevent allergies, flu, cold and sinus infections.

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