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Benefits of black pill for dry skin

Benefits of black pill for dry skin

The human use of the pond Bean dates back almost 2,000 years and there is evidence that it dates back to earlier times when archaeologists discovered it in the Tomb of the Egyptian King Tutankhamun .

The blessing pill has many benefits for the human body; it was used as a traditional remedy for headaches, toothache, congestion, chest allergies, and stomach worms . Most scientific studies of Nigella refers to its active role in increasing the immune system's resistance to disease, and it is also used as a spice in many countries around the world.

What does black nigella contain?

Nigella sativa contains approximately 35% of vegetable fats ,and many essential fatty acids that are not produced by the body, showing the benefits of Nigella for hair in containing linoleic acid, oleic acid known for their benefits for the skin, and also contains thymoquinone and many other vitamins such as vitamin A and B.

Benefits of Nigella sativa for skin:

  1. works as an anti-inflammatory: working Nigella sativa as anti-inflammatory, thanks to its material Themen which prevent the occurrence of infections that may affect the skin as a result of acne or a skin disease.
  2. acts as a skin moisturizer: the containment of Nigella to fatty acids, especially linoleic acid, and oleic acid make nigella one of the most beneficial natural products for the skin. And you can use a mask composed of Nigella powder, plus Nigella oil, sesame oil, and use it for a week for effective results .
  3. as a treatment for acne: you can use the mask Nigella, and apple cider vinegar in case you suffer from acne.

Benefits of Nigella sativa for the body:

  1. Used as a general immunosuppressant if used on a daily basis.
  2. As a treatment for allergic conditions of the chest, respiratory system.
  3. As a treatment for Type II diabetes.
  4. As adjunctive therapy in cases of high blood pressure.
  5. It has an effective role if taken daily in improving sperm health.
  6. Reduce breast pain associated with menstrual pain.
  7. Treatment of skin itching and skin eczema.
  8. Instrumental in preventing the recurrence of epileptic seizures.
  9. It has an active role in reducing cholesterol.
  10. Not an effective role in the treatment of throat infections.

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