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Benefits of carrot juice for skin

Benefits of carrot juice for skin

Carrot is an important vegetable, useful for human health and skin; because it contains high proportions of important nutrients and nutrients such as vitamins, mineral salts; it contains vitamin A, B vitamins group, vitamins C, E, k, potassium along with dietary fiber and phosphorus, which help to give you better skin and improve overall health.

Carrot is used in the treatment of many diseases, and is always associated with carrot treatment of eye diseases and myopia, but it has many benefits in the treatment of hair, and its growth; as the intake of 3 to 4 cups of carrot juice daily stimulates hair growth, intensifies your hair, improves its appearance and texture, and it is very effective in restoring

What are the benefits of carrots for hair ?

Islands contains vitamin A, which stimulates the production of sebum, which protects the scalp, and helps to not help people, it is also able to improve the overall strength of the company, make it more shiny.Eating carrot onregularly can prevent premature graying of hair.

Carrots treat split ends and roughness by increasing the moisture of the hair, forming a protective layer for it from the influence of external factors surrounding it, such as sunlight, damage touv Rays.

Benefits of general carrots

Strengthens eyesight, improves vision as it contains vitamin A, beta - carotene in it protects the eye from blue water and opacity of the lens of the eye, as well as being one of the most powerful natural compounds fighting cancer of all kinds, protects the skin and gives it high freshness, and works to get rid of the pallor of the face due to.

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