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Benefits of colon molasses

Benefits of colon molasses

Carob is cultivated in the countries of the Middle East and the Maghreb in abundance, and the carob tree is a perennial tree that lives up to two hundred and is resistant to various environmental conditions.

Carob has many uses, it is a favorite drink of many families and is grinded and used as a substitute for flour or with flour in the manufacture of baked goods, and extracted from it a condensed drink similar to Black Honey called carob molasses, from which types contain sugar and other types pure natural.

Carob molasses contains rich and varied nutrients, it is rich in calcium, potassium and phosphorus, and is an important source of iron.

What are the benefits of carob molasses?

– Carob molasses relieves irritable bowel pain and digestive problems

Carob molasses helps treat digestion problems and pains caused by irritable bowel syndrome and regulates bowel movement and is a treatment for diarrhea in children and adults.

– Carob molasses substitute for cocoa

It is similar in color and taste to cocoa, but contains less fat, caffeine and calories than cocoa, making it a healthier option for use in baked goods and cakes.

- Carob molasses for cancer prevention

Carob fruits contain high fiber and antioxidants that work to prevent cancer in the body, and carob molasses can be added to milk and tea as a natural and healthy sweetener, and a source of antioxidants to prevent cancer.

– Molasses, carob is safe for diabetics

Carob molasses is added to various types of sauces, drinks and desserts as a safe natural sweetener alternative to harmful white sugar because it is rich in natural sugars, and does not contain high fat and calories, which makes it suitable for diabetics who follow diets to lose weight.

– An important source of energy

Carob molasses is rich in calcium, iron and natural sugars, and eating a teaspoon of it daily provides the body with energy and increases the body's activity and vitality.


Carob molasses can be added for desserts, cold and hot drinks, ice cream sauces and sugar substitutes in the confectionery industry or mixed with tahini at breakfast to make carob molasses part of the daily diet program to take advantage of its many benefits.

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