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Benefits of oats for diabetics

Benefits of oats for diabetics

Benefits of oatmeal for diabetics, oats contain a high percentage of vitamins, minerals, potassium, and fiber needed by the body, which helps in improving the digestion and enhance the anti-cancer and drink in your daily diet in this report, we identify some of the benefits of oatmeal .

What are the benefits of oats for overall health ?

Improve heart health

Oats contain fiber called beta-glucan which helps lower cholesterol levels, in addition to containing antioxidants and vitamin C which were essential in preventing heart disease and improve heart health.

According to one medical study, oats are the best type of whole grains to lower cholesterol levels, so it is recommended to add oats to the diet because it contains strong fibers that protect the heart.

Improve blood sugar level

Oats improve the level of sugar in the blood, thanks to its high content of fiber, and oats are foods that are digested slowly and make the stomach thicker, not all types of oats are good, so be sure to pick non-flavored or instant oats.

Treatment of constipation

Oats have a high content of insoluble fiber which helps improve digestion and treat constipation and oats also play a protective role against colon cancer.

Despite its benefits to improve digestive however, warns against eating it in large quantities because it can produce gas and cause bloating.

Fighting cancer

Oats contain antioxidants that help fight cancer and prevent the growth of cancer cells, according to some studies conducted experiments on more than 800 thousand people, the oatmeal reduces the risk of cancer by 20%, in addition, oats contain a high proportion of fiber that works on the Prevention of the risk of gastric cancer.

Enhance immunity

Oats contain beta-glucan which acts to strengthen immunity and activate white blood cells to protect diseases, in addition oats contain zinc which plays a role in fighting infection.

According to some studies, beta-glucan in oats helps improve the immunity of individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome, and it also improves immunity levels during intensive treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Weight loss

Oats are high in fiber that makes you feel full for longer periods, and some studies have shown that oats prevent obesity, help distribute fat in the abdominal area and promote calorie burning.

Some studies suggest that a diet rich in whole grains such as oats can help in the regulation of body weight.

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