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Benefits of soy for the body and skin

Benefits of soy for the body and skin

Benefits of soybeans for body and skin, most soy products are made from soy kernels, such as tofu cheese, roasted soy, and soy drinks, soy products are especially popular among vegetarians, because soy is used as a meat substitute with a lot of health benefits؛

1. Soy for more youthful skin

When we talk about maintaining healthy skin, hydration is a very important element, and soy is the most moisturizing for combination skin, it moisturizes dry skin as well as removing excess oil from the oily part of the skin, and soy is rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that repairs the skin to make the face look more youthful.

2. Soy bean oil for shiny hair

Soybean oil contains many essential nutrients for hair growth, and that's why it is used in shampoos and moisturizers, it works great to make the hair soft, shiny because soybean oil is very refreshing, the hair is made up of protein, so food rich in protein can promote hair growth as well.

3. Soy is rich in omega-3 fatty acids

One serving of cooked soy contains more omega-3 than a nest of cold water fish species, and omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in keeping the body healthy.

4. Soy contributes to weight loss

Soy has a high protein content, which makes us feel full longer, green soy kernels can be added to salads and soups to get more protein as well as control hunger. Half a cup of soy contains 4.5 g of fiber, which is 1/5 the daily value of fiber, and fiber is an effective nutrient in helping to lose weight.

5. Soy lowers high cholesterol

Eating soy products know soy effective way to reduce the level of total cholesterol in addition to LDL-cholesterol, and soy is rich in good fats that lower cholesterol.

Soy can reduce cholesterol by 3%, in people with unhealthy cholesterol levels, if they eat more for protein as an alternative to animal protein that contains unhealthy saturated fat.

6. Soy protects against prostate cancer 

Studies have found that soy helps in protection from prostate cancer, which contain a good amount of feature.

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