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Best deep sleep tea banana and cinnamon tea

Best deep sleep tea banana and cinnamon tea

Best sleep tea if you suffer from insomnia and sleep disorder, instead of using medications and sedative drugs to feel the desire to sleep, we recommend you try banana tea and cinnamon, because it is among the natural solutions available to help a restful sleep and stay away from sleeping pills where bananas are famous for rich in potassium and magnesium, but what.

Banana and cinnamon tea recipe for a good sleep:

The ingredients of the recipe are:

  • - 1 banana with Peel
  • - A small pot of water.
  • - A pinch of cinnamon, if desired

How to prepare banana and cinnamon tea:

  1. Simply put, the ends of the banana are trimmed (from the top and bottom).
  2.  Put the banana in a bowl of water, it will be better if there is pure or distilled water.
  3. Boil the banana in water for 10 minutes, sprinkle some cinnamon in the water if desired, or you can add a natural sweetener or other important to keep away from sugar .
  4. More cinnamon can be added If desired and then enjoy sipping this useful mixture.

There is also an additional option, where the next day, you can peel the banana and eat it boiled with a pinch of cinnamon, and the reason for postponing it for the next day is the unwillingness to eat anything that pushes the stomach to digest before bedtime.

Comes irregular sleep, or even concern because of several different things such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Various factors, both external and internal, affect the brain, hormones, and nervous system to deprive a person of deep sleep.

To help sleep, the majority resort to the simplest and easiest solution of taking sleeping pills, but is this a good solution? Certainly not, pills can work for a short time, but in the long term they will affect health, natural abilities. Sleeping pills are known for their side effects such as dizziness, constipation, stomach ache, distractions, memory problems, and damage to the central nervous system.

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