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Choose a party dress that fits your body shape


Choose a party dress that fits your body shape

Attending parties and weddings is a joy and wonderful thing that many girls and ladies love, but the majority of them come in the shape and type of dress that suits their body, and this causes them a lot of confusion and tension when approaching any wedding or party.

In fact it is not as complicated and difficult as the majority of ladies think, all they have to know The Shape of their bodies and in this way can get a general idea about what kind of dress you will buy, and today and through our site "agystaved" we will give you Madam all the different types of bodies you can come across as.

Full body (impressively and large)

It is recommended for the owner of this body to choose a dress whose skirt starts from under the chest directly and is wide and not tight on the body so as not to highlight areas that have an increase in weight, and it does not matter if the dress is long or short, but you should pay attention to the length of the girl, if.

Pear body

This type of body is usually full in the lower half of the body, so ladies with this type of body are advised to choose a-shaped dresses that are detailed on the body at the top, and then begin to widen from below the chest area and increase its width downwards.

Apple body

Usually the owners of this type of body are full in the upper body and in the abdominal area specifically, for this it is advisable for them to choose dresses designed in the form of the letter A where they are detailed on the body in the chest area and The Shape of the chest is in the form of the letter V so that.

Rectangular body

It is best for women of this type of body to choose dresses that are bulging in the lower part of the body (hip area) whether they have bulging seams or folds to give a full view and break the image of the rectangular body, and can also show the waist area by choosing dresses that have straps that tie in the waist area to show.

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