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Five tips for fashionable and stylish glasses

Five tips for fashionable and stylish glasses

In the old days, sunglasses were designed to do only their basic function, which is to protect the eyes from the scorching sun in the summer, but today sunglasses have become an integral part of everyday elegance and an important piece of daily accessories, often the goal is not to protect the eyes but the goal is to wear fashionable glasses beautiful and elegant.

In this article we will give you a variety of important tips that you will need when wearing sunglasses, so all you have to do is follow these tips to be in the most luxurious and complete your looks .

Choose the frame that fits your face 

It is necessary to choose the type and shape of the frame that suits your face, if your face is of the round type it is better to choose glasses with Square or rectangular shapes, and vice versa if your face is square it is better to choose a glasses frame with a round shape or similar to the circle .

Choose the type of lenses accurately

Try to choose colors lens colors quiet and noisy, especially even fit all the time, but if you're a fan of the glasses with colorful frames or colored lenses, try to coordinate beautifully with your style remains common in modern and stylish .

Avoid makeup too much

If you are a fan of make-up, I advise you to minimize it when you want to wear sunglasses as much as possible, so many with the presence of sunglasses will show your face and that it is in a mess, so avoid it so that your features are beautiful and calm with the presence of glasses.

Sunglasses and earrings 

It's nice to wear earrings with sunglasses, but there are some important points that you should be aware of while wearing earrings with glasses, and one of the most important points is to choose earrings that match The Shape of the glasses, you can not wear lacy earrings with classic glasses, or oversized earrings with oversized glasses too, try to.

Choose glasses that fit your age

If you are an old lady, it is better to stay away from glasses with light colors such as white, yellow, pink, as well as Lacy glasses, but it is better to choose glasses with calm colors and classic and elegant design, on the contrary the color you are a young girl, try to change and move between the shapes and colors of different glasses

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