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Healthy beneficial daily habits that will change your lives

Healthy beneficial daily habits that will change your lives

Useful daily habits that may change our lives for the better. Every day, most of us stick to our morning routine: getting up, making coffee, browsing social media and going to work.

Of course, not all habits are equal.

But what if there are just simple steps every day that can encourage us to get used to good habits?

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit through repeated behavior.

With our busy schedules and endless tasks, it is important that our habits positively affect our productivity, health and overall happiness.

Fortunately, finding a routine that fits your schedule, not difficult. Medy Navani, co-founder and creative director of Design Haus Medy, offers the best habits that will fail you every day.

Useful daily habits will make you feel real change

Make your bed:

This may sound simple, but it's actually a great way to start your day.

Make your bed and taking the time to do well and provides a sense of accomplishment from the moment you wake up.

Although it may seem easy, but that is the beauty of this world; it does not take long and leads to a sense of accomplishment that stays with you all day.

This is good for overall productivity and positive levels-all from five minutes of making your bed

Drink lemon water:

You should drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day and add the lemon flavor, they are not only antioxidants, but it provides additional health benefits such as reducing the cravings and increase energy levels.

Before drinking coffee in the morning, drink a glass of lemon water, and makes you feel your body.

For extra freshness, try adding mint which is also great for digestion.

Be grateful:

It is important to remember to appreciate what we have. When you wake up, take time to list everything that brings meaning to your life.

If you remind yourself of what is important will give you a more positive outlook that can turn into all aspects of your day.

This is also a great tool to use when you feel moments of stress as recognizing what actually matters will quickly wash away any negativity and keep you in a positive mindset.

Separation from electronics:

From the moment we open our eyes, technology has become the most important part of our daily lives.

For ongoing information can lead to overwork our brains and therefore it is important to take a moment and stop.

Just take five minutes a day and stay away from your computer, phone and any other screen.

The research also suggested that heavy use of technology before going to bed can cause sleep deprivation due to light from screens that activate our brains to believe that we should stay awake.

Instead, buy a book and sink into your imagination. You will find that you sleep better at night, which increases mental function for the next day.

Eat a healthy breakfast:

According to Maslow's hormone sequence, the first and most important stage before we can even think about doing anything else is to take care of our physiological state.

This includes sleep, warmth, shelter, and community.

Breakfast allows the body to provide energy after being idle for eight hours.

Keep the simplicity and bring a piece of fruit or toast, take them with you on your way to work.

It will increase your energy levels and have your mind and body perform at optimal levels from the beginning.

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